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ford explorer 2013

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    HI everyone! Nick from OR here.

    I recently came across as I just purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. The care is in great shape, but needed minor repairs that the dealer wanted to charge way too much for. I'm a millennial, so my generation never really learned how to work on cars like people in the past. I want to know...
  2. H

    Oil Leak - Rear Ford Explorer 2013 XLT 4WD 3.5L

    Hi there, I just noticed oil leaking from the Rear middle of the vehicle just above where the dual exhaust intersects. I have attached some photographs of the Leak. If anyone on the forum can give me advise on repairs/parts I would appreciate that. Thank you. Its a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT Base...
  3. R

    Trailer light circuit fried

    I just got my brand new 2013 Explorer and hooked up my trailer wiring to the 4 pin connector on the back - lo and behold I wired the trailer plug wrong and while testing it out I could suddenly smell was smoke - dohhhh!!! I unplugged it and found I had it wired wrong. After some testing I...
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    Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

    Hi guys, doing some research Ive found this... Notice part 17D957A, there are two options, with and without front fog lights, each one with different pricing, I guess if someone with the base model orders the part with the fog lights, he'll be able to retrofit them. Wiring shouldnt be...