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ford explorer

  1. F

    2006 Ford Explorer XLT

    Hi All - Very odd problem that occurs once every 3-4 weeks for past 6 months with no pattern. The car has a new batter and cranks fine but every once in a while will not start. If I usually wait about 5 minutes it will start (once I had to jump it and it fired right up - I think I drained the...
  2. D

    2013 Explorer Roof Rail Trim? Does this piece exist?

    Good afternoon! I’ve been searching for this small trim piece for Months now and can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere! I tired rockauto, eBay, Craigslist, FB marketplace, Etc, And even My local Ford dealership which told me I would need to buy the whole roof rail system. Which I wasn’t...
  3. J

    Steering column 94-99

    Hi can’t seem too find answers does anyone know if the steering columns in the 1994-1999 explorers are the same? I found a kit too put a different steering wheel on mine but it says it works for every year of that body style but the 99 which is mine does anyone know if the shaft is the same...
  4. U

    Adding Aux input from FLVP Mods

    For the programming part, has anyone done it themselves or is it possible to achieve yourself with like forscan? Any feedback is welcomed!
  5. D

    2003 Ford Explore fuel pump not engaged

    Have replaced almost everything I can think of and will not start
  6. R

    HELP! Why does temperature gauge go up to normal than come down to a little above cold?

    Hey everyone so I was wondering why the temperature gauge on my 1993 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4wd xlt goes to the middle of the gauge aka operating temperature then it goes back down to above cold? I just put a 3rd coolant temperature sending unit it 30 minutes ago because it was fluctuating between...
  7. R

    What is this vacuum line for? 1993 Ford explorer

    What does this vacuum line do? The explorer has horrible take off and idles rough and I can hear the vacuum leak inside of the truck can anyone please send me a link to a new vacuum hose for it? Thank you
  8. R

    HELP!!! Rain water is leaking into my 1993 Ford Explorer

    Hey everyone I have a 1993 Ford explorer xlt that leaks rain water in the passenger floor bourd and the headliner all around the windshield gets wet and the sunroof and the too back cargo glass windows leak so basically everything that I can think of is leaking and it gets soaked every time it...
  9. C

    quick release coupling of clutch cylinders

    Hello. I apologize. This topic may have already been resolved. I have a 1991 Ford Explorer. I recently bought a clutch slave cylinder with a gold connector. My car has a stock line with a purple connector. I was glad when I received the slave cylinder. I installed the checkpoint and got in...
  10. R

    How do i remove a radiator on my 1993 Ford Explorer ?

    Hey guys so my radiator on my 93 is leaking pretty badly any advice or pictures on how to replace the radiator would be truly appreciated thank you!
  11. R

    Oz 2000 XLT in Limp Home Mode

    Issue is with a RHD Australian 12/2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC On a really hot day (over 40C) truck goes into Limp Home Mode (LHM) and will not drive faster than 15Kph. It is OK on other days! When it is running normally it drives and sounds fantastic having installed new timing chains...
  12. D

    96 Ford Explorer: Belt tensioner gone bad- is it worth it?

    Hi, Looking for some advice, issues have piled up a bit and I'm thinking of selling my 1996 Ford Explorer Sport; but not sure it's necessary. For awhile I heard a 'chirping' sound which I assume was from the serpentine belt, so I bought a new one to replace it. Before I could even replace it...
  13. 9

    I need help specific to 99 explorer Eddie Bauer V6 only headlights not working

    Here's the deal. My low beams do not work via the switch on far left of driver side, all other lamps work including fogs. I have replaced the switch months ago and had no issues. However low beams failed to work recently so I removed the panel again exposed the switch I had installed. The...
  14. J

    2010 Ford Explorer Mods

    Added some new mods
  15. S

    Ford Explorer Rear Leaf Springs?

    Hey all, I'm looking for some after market rear leaf springs for my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. I've found a set that I'm after, however, they're quite pricy. What's odd is that the exact same brand, same amount of leafs, lift, weight capacities, etc. for the Courier rear leaf springs is much...
  16. F

    Transfer case fluid brown within a week after fluid change

    96 Explorer 4x4. I just recently changed the transfer case fluid and it did come out brown, I imagine it’s never been changed being at 145,000 miles. I added new fluid and I went to check on it yesterday and it’s brown again, with a silver color appearing in the fluid. It’s kind of silver but...
  17. M

    Better? 1995 Explorer or 1999 Exp Xlt?

    Which one is a better deal? Price $1,000- 1995 Ford Explorer Limited, 174k miles, no mechanical issues, runs and drives strong, straight body and paint, has things to fix like 2 power windows not working, new tires, new brakes, top console lamp not working, but good vehicle no leaks. VIN X Or...
  18. F

    Air Box Silencer Delete

    Hey guys! First post! I have a 97 5.0 Exploder that I daily and I was interested in the benefits of an air box silencer delete. Has anyone done this to their 97 5.0 and related models and years? I have heard that it makes the explorer louder, which is something I would be interested in doing...
  19. F

    2009 Driver Side Power Seat doesn't move forward

    Hi, I have a 2009 ford explorer xlt, with 6-way power seat (driver side). All switches work except moving it forward (towards the pedals), it is stuck all the way in the back position. When pressing it back I hear the motor clicking so it seems the only thing not working is moving it forward...
  20. J

    Lifted 2007 Ford Explorer 4x4

    2007 Ford Explorer 4th Gen 4x4 2.5" Lift Firestone Mud Terrain Tires LED Headlights LED Halo Fog Lights Tennessee Contact: [email protected]
  21. C

    Dash issues...

    Hello, I've been reading through the forum here for several months. I have a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT. It is in relatively good shape and drives well. However, I've had some problems with the dash. Here are the symptoms: Dashboard lights don't work (it started with one side going out...and now...
  22. T

    Ryan's 5.0l Ranger swap

    Hi everyone, I will be using this thread to document my progress on swapping the 5.0l and all necessary components from a 1999 Explorer Limited AWD into my 2000 Ranger 4.0 OHV. I also plan on asking questions here as this community is full of information. Stay tuned for details!
  23. Mitchs07explorer

    Transmission flare issues... anyone's guess

    I've posted in here several times with this same issue but I figure it was worth one more shot. At 80k miles I started experiencing hard clunking shifts, shuddering during shifts and an occasional flare from second to third gear. I took it to the Ford dealer and had them flush the tranny. Was...
  24. L

    How to secure cross bars and cargo carrier

    Hello everyone. My explorer has cross bars on top (well it HAD it) and I mounted a curt cargo carrier on it. Earlier today the cargo was stolen in my work parking lot. They didn't unscrew the rack they unscrewed the bars and took the rack with it. My question is how do I secure the bars? They...
  25. A

    Keyless entrypad not working

    So, I have read numerous threads regarding issues with the keyless entrypad but it seems that none match the specifics of my situation so I have decided to ask for help here. I have a good old '99 Ford Explorer XLT and is still great. Unfortunately, my wife locked the keys inside a few days...