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  1. E

    1.9L/2.0L TDI Swap

    Hi ST'ers! Quick question for anyone whos any bit versed in the possibility of Diesel swapping one of these beauties! I've got an '04 XLT, its my first petrol vehicle, I've always driven Diesels back home in Ireland and I love how powerful and fun those engines are and I cant seem to get any...
  2. G

    2020 explorer st review

    In the market for a suv and really like the Explorer ST. I see a 2020 with 64k miles for sale and wanted to see if anyone can provide feedback on their experience with the car
  3. B

    Ford Explorer 2008 Stops while driving make long crank with single ignition click

    While driving the car stops suddenly. One click on ignition makes long crank. Anybody have the idea for what causes this issue. Thanks in Advance
  4. S

    First off-road rig! 2nd Gen Explorer

    Howdy y’all! My name is Skippy and I am located for the time being in Riverton, Utah! Soon to be St. George, Utah! All my friends have crawlers, I’ve always been the one hitching a ride with someone, but now I have my own vehicle that I can take off reading! I recently purchased a 2000 Ford...
  5. C

    Slow crank to no crank

    So here’s what I got going on. 2014 Ford Explorer XLT. Sat for about a week, ran perfect before that. Get in it and it’s a slow weak crank and does not start. Figured it was battery so I changed it. It began to slow crank again then no crank. Volt meter said 12.3 on my battery. Throwing several...
  6. D

    1990 Ford Explorer Surf Concept

    Has anybody ever heard of the Ford Explorer Surf? I thought it was a photo of a Matchbox car, but this thing is the real deal! Sadly, no such Ford vehicle ever made it into production... and since the 1st-gen Explorer is solely responsible for the shift of SUV's from the "jeeps" (GP, general...
  7. J

    Question Please

    I’m asking for someone else. I think it’s a 2004. Their car will barely move you until it reach 3000RPM/30MPH. What could it be? Thanx
  8. R

    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
  9. M

    2005 Ford Explorer - story of my breakdown

    Hi there! Everything was great. Then this happened: Drove to work for the 50th time this month. Finished work. Hopped in the truck after a long day. Started it up just fine. noticeably rough idle, huh, that's new! popped it into reverse to back out of my spot, definitely bumpy and rough, had...
  10. P

    Plenty of issues 2013 limited

    first of all, i would like to apologize for not capitalizing anything as my shift key is broken. i have a 2013 explorer limited that i purchased two years ago with 120,000 on it. i had the common propane smell and jerking during acceleration and the dealer replaced the leaking ptu free of...
  11. A

    Dvd player ford expedition 2003

    Are the ford rear dvd players interchangeable. Some ford dvd players are cheaper than the other ones so i thought of just putting in a ford expedition’s dvd player from a newer year onto my 2003 expedition
  12. T

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT Stereo Wiring Harness Color code

    Power wiring Black+Black Yellow+Green/purple Red+White/Purple Speaker Wiring Gray+White/Green White+Green/orange White/Black+LightBlue/white Grey/Black+Turquoise/Orange Purple/Black+Black/Pink Purple+Orange/Red Green/Black+Tan/Yellow Green+LightBlue/Grey
  13. G

    Hello everyone just joined new owner of the exploer 93 4.0 4x4 awd family. I could use a step by step on removing tranny A4LD

    Hello everyone so I could really use some help on removing a transmission for a 1993 ford explorer 4x4 4.0 automatic. My uncle had try putting in the solenoids pack in and said he did it at night and he thinks he put it in wrong or upside down or something like that I'm not sure but he's not...
  14. W

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Thanks for welcoming me to the group! This site has been very helpful to me over the years! I currently have a few questions I need some answers for.. First off I’m needing torque specifications on everything I’m listing below and any tips to go along with it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  15. Sean STEVENSON

    98 explorer given to me.

    My church gave me a 98 Ford explorer and I will honor God by taking good care of it.
  16. I

    Hands Free Liftgate

    So I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. Everything I’m reading says that I should have the kick activated rear hatch but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I’ve looked underneath the rear bumper and I don’t see anything? (Don’t quite know what I’m looking for anyways). I have...
  17. R

    99 ranger flashers not working

    Working on a 99 ford ranger, regular flashers and hazards doesn’t work “they dont show up on the dash either” flasher relay is fine and multifunction switch works too i replaced them both anyone got any ideas to what it could Be?
  18. F

    Smart Junction Box OBD tool 2010 Ford Explorer

    I have a 2010 Ford Explorer and I have narrowed down the battery drain to something is keeping the SJB awake after about 35 minutes. It’s a .50 mah draw after sitting there at a .16 for 35 minutes. I have read that I need a OBD scanner tool that can read the sjb to find out what sensor is...
  19. C

    engine dempfer

    Have a nice day, everyone. I stumbled upon this part by accident in the Ford catalog. According to the description, it was installed from 10/01/1992 to 11/30/1994. and has the number 1 080 162. I was looking for information on it. Found nothing. Maybe someone has such a detail on the vehicle or...
  20. R

    What’s this Explorer worth?

    Hey guys, just picked this thing up. 1996 4.0l v6 4WD 5 3.73 AutoH/4wd/4lo 266k came with: fresh clutch, new procomp shocks, torsion key and add-a-leaf (1-2” lift I believe) Looking to offer this thing seriously or sell it & look for something else. Opinions?
  21. R

    First gen Ford explorer temperature gauge fluctuations

    Ok.. so I just bought a 1993 Ford explorer xlt the temperature gauge goes up too normal after a about 2 miles of driving but then it quickly comes back down to cold but after a few more miles it gets up to almost on the red side of the gauge and comes back down to normal temperature but then...
  22. C

    how would one start modifying?

    I saw a post of a picture of a saleen style explorer and i love that look and want to sorta recreate that but in my own way and want my explorer to be a little faster, by little i mean i want a blower in it. i just dont know where to start what to buy first, i dont care about exterior look right...
  23. C

    2007 Ford Explorer 100$ bounty

    Took it to ford and paid 1000$ to have nothing fixed and for it to come back with an oil and coolant leak that’s gonna cost me an additional 1000$ to repair from quotes with the initial problem still being present. I don’t have the money. Anybody willing to give me advice that actually has...
  24. Bobs2018ExplorerSport

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  25. natenkiki2004

    [SOLD] 1991 & 1994 4-Door Explorers For Sale

    Located in North Idaho (Just north of Moscow) I have both a 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorer for sale. They both run and drive but both have issues that prevent them from being road worthy (tired engine on 1991, bad transmission on 1994). Hopefully looking for someone that wants to build one from...