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  1. PepeLePIU

    My new hobby: modding a 2013 FPIU!

    Hey people - wanted to say hi. I'm a new, proud owner of a 2013 FPIU - former Snohomish County WA detective's ride. It's a beast in amazing shape and I'm totally stoked to turn it into a sweet daily driver! I'm here to learn how to do all the things my local Ford dealer says "can't be done:"...
  2. B

    Has anyone tried the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit?

    Hello, I've been stalking these forums for quite a bit, but am just now posting my first question... Has anyone installed the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit on their FPIU? I have a 2015 and it is supposed to be plug and play, but I am curious how long it took anyone and how good the...
  3. S

    How to: Adding OEM 12V outlets to your post-aftermarket equipment FPIU (and fixing your horn)

    It took me about ten to fifteen hours to figure these two things out on my own, since there isn’t a ton of info out there yet about undoing police modifications (whereas on a car like the CVPI so many have been purchased after decommissioning that info is relatively easy to find). I hope this...