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front bumper

  1. D

    Steel Bumper and Winch - 2002 Explorer XLT

    Hello Forum, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations re replacing the front bumper on my 2WD, 2002 XLT? I am looking for a steel bumper which includes a mounting for a winch but does not have a huge bull-bar?
  2. K

    NEED HELP with bull bar installation

    I'm new to the forum, love it so far. So I bought a Westin Light Safari Bar part #30-0025 for my 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6L AWD. I'm in the process of adding several things into the vehicle and this bull bar has proven itself to be the most troublesome. The instructions state I...
  3. J

    Front Bumper Removal - How To?

    I have exhausted my ability to use the search function and turned up nada on anything that explains HOW the XSport front clip comes off. I plan on tackling a few different things this weekend, some of which involves removing the front bumper. So I thought I would poll the audience to get...
  4. R

    need front bumper reconstructive surgery

    My first post.....really enjoy reading the threads! Hope someone can answer my questions. I just bought an 01 Sport Trac....the previous owner must have hit the right side of the front bumper causing the plastic to crack and he removed the steel reinforcement bumper and cut the plastic...
  5. A

    expedition front bumper

    I've been wanting to put front tow hooks on my 00' explorer sport and today i noticed that expeditions have them. So my question is, would the front bumper from an expedition fit on my explorer? If it will fit, can the factory tow hooks mount up to my explorer? I like keeping it looking somewhat...
  6. A

    Push Bar for Explorer

    After driving the lifted 250 for 8 years I forgot how nice it was to drive a vehicle that didn't friggen punish you. So far I only have: Tint on front two Setina push bar Weather Tech mats Shark fin antenna
  7. F

    Front bumper bent, help please

    what would be the best way to pull out this , without breaking anything?(its passenger side) Heres some pictures
  8. C

    97 xlt front bumper spoiler replacement

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement front spoiler (mounted right under the front bumper) for a 97 XLT? :( Mine was shattered in the snow and ice recently (was part of an after market Xenon package with fog lamps when I bought the truck back in 2003) I'm 99% sure that the 97...
  9. D

    New Member here..

    hello everyone, just got my 92 explorer sport (pics soon) great thing rebuilt motor with only 140 miles on rebuild, plus another motor that has 80,XXX miles, she's all stock except for an exhaust, im trying to find me a nice push bar/bumper for the front. im not seeing much of any stores...
  10. J

    I need some serious advice

    I just registered on this website and I've been deep in thought of tricking out my explorer for about two years. I have purchased an alpine with subs and 31x10.50 Maxxis Bighorns on black rims in the recent months and am looking to go further. I have been trying to find a decent lifting method...
  11. F

    Anybody know how to replace the front bumper on a '99 ford explorer?

    Fender benders suck. Im trying to replace the front bumper on my own but it would be great if i could get some help. Can anyone give me instructions, or tips, or websites where i could find instructions would be great. instruction pics would be awesome too. Sorry if this has been posted by...