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front differential

  1. M

    Knock/pop noise from drivetrain

    When accelerating, I hear a loud knock or pop noise coming from the drivetrain. I pulled the rear diff cover off and the ring & pinion looked good. Some of the spider gears looked pitted, but none broken, and no sign of metal shavings. I dropped the front driveshaft and the noise was still...
  2. F

    '97 Ford Explorer V8 Front Diff Popping

    Okay, so I posted a thread before this asking about a creaking sound coming from front left wheel well, now the creaking sound has stopped, but a popping noise has started. This popping only occurs when I accelerate too quickly (over 5 mph) from a complete stop. I am attaching a YouTube video of...
  3. J

    05' Explorer XLT 4.0 Front Differential Help Please

    Here's my situation. I've had the Explorer for a little over a year now. Bought it for $1,300 in alright running condition. Since I've bought it I've put in almost $2,000 into it. From all the tune up needs spark plugs, spark plugs wires, air filter, oil, oil filter, and also things that needed...
  4. C

    '02 Explorer Transfer Case

    Hi, I have an '02 Explorer with a clicking/grinding noise coming from the left front end. I've replaced the ball joints, wheel bearing/hub assembly, brakes, and CV shaft. Noise occurs in and out of 4WD but it's worse when 4WD is engaged. Edit: Sounds like the noise is coming from the front...
  5. T

    Front differential Mounting Bolts & "flag" nuts needed

    2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC 4x4 Auto. Need the set of three bolts/nuts that mount the front differential to the frame. I believe they are all the same from 1998 to 2001, and some SportTrac also fit. Email is sdwakaturtle and I am at hotmail. Thanks. Mine are rusted out & be be destroyed when I...
  6. J

    1991 exploder 4 inch lift. 4x4 problems

    So i recently bought a 91 explorer 5speed, rough country 4 in lift, and for a month or so its been fine. Recently the 4x4 will partially engage without me wanting it to (not pressing 4x4 or lo range) and the front passenger side wheel will start clicking, sometimes the front drivers side, very...
  7. P

    Popping noise while driving

    I have a 97 awd 5.0 limited. It has a popping noise in the front driver's side when driving, more so when accelerating. The control arms and cv joints on that side appear to be in good shape and fairly new. I jacked it up and wiggled the front drivers side wheel, it was pretty stationary with...
  8. S

    Which gear ratio? AWD front differential swap.

    Is there an easy way to determine what the gear ratio is? Issue: I heard an odd rattling sound (sounded like a stick got stuck underneath and was dragging along the pavement intermittently). It was random and lasted only a few miles. Now theres a low growling noise with a vibration that...
  9. C

    PLEASE HELP transfer case advice 2007 ford explorer limited v8 4x4auto

    okay so let me start off by saying I am 33yr old girl who often mechanics think they can pull a fast one on me for that reason i am asking for advice. my truck originally would make a load sound which i can describe best as 2 pieces of rusted metal grinding against one another and the sound...
  10. F

    98 eddie bauer

    ok so i recently posted how I purchased a 98 explorer eddie bauer for $580. only to find out that it needed a transfer case, front dif and a freeze plug. Amongst other minor things like brakes and rotors. So I found a mechanic to do all the work for about $600 if I purchase the parts. The engine...
  11. F

    98 Eddie Bauer decision

    ok so if anyone has been following what I have been posting over the past week or so. You will see that I just purchased this SUV. There is a horrific grinding noise that I found out is coming from the front differential. Then the truck bucks like a horse, which is coming from the transfer case...
  12. J

    Leaking front differential

    I'm admittedly not a mechanic but have had a lot of free time this summer and have been trying to become as self sufficient as possible. For the longest time I thought i had a small engine oil leak (a couple drops a week maybe). Finally got bored and decided to check it out, turns out it was...
  13. V

    Need help diagnosing drive train problem

    Greetings! My first post: Just spent a day replacing a non-existent front drive shaft on my 1997 5.0 AWD Explorer with a rebuilt one. Now, the vehicle rumbles and shudders at anything over a few mph. Without the front drive shaft it is fine. What are the chances I got a bad drive shaft? Or...
  14. O

    Bad Front End Noise

    I have a 1997 Explorer that has developed a very bad vibration/rumble starting at around 35mph. The rumble is so loud at 40mph that you cannot hear the radio. I have removed the front driveshaft with no change. I have also rotated the tires with no change. The only thing that I have noticed...
  15. B

    Front differential bearing problems

    Hi, I have an 03 explorer xlt V8 with all time AWD. I've have the pinion seal replaced and after that repair I noticed that my axle seals were leaking, more so from the drivers side. So my mechanic replaced the seals and put on new CV axles on both sides. When he test drove it, before I picked...
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    Bad Front End Noise

    I have a 1997 Explorer that has developed a very bad vibration/rumble starting at around 35mph. The rumble is so loud at 40mph that you cannot hear the radio. I have removed the front driveshaft with no change. I have also rotated the tires with no change. The only thing that I have noticed...
  17. R

    Front Diff Trashed

    Friends replaced two tires on their 2000 Explorer AWD and destroyed the front diff on the highway. After $1100 repair, they set out to finish the trip and did it again. Now they know about uneven tire sizes but, as a crutch, can the front diff be disabled and driven as a two wheel drive?
  18. O

    First Gen Front Differential Fluid

    I really haven't been able to find a definitive answer on the forum. What type of fluid goes into the front differential on a first gen (specifically 1992) Explorer? The manual just says "4x4 gear oil" as does the computer at Advance Auto. I just want to be sure exactly what to put in...
  19. S

    Is It the Transfer Case or Front Differential

    This is my first post on this forum and so many other members have put some great post and how-to procedures, that I felt I should join as a paid member. The information on this forum has been worth much more than the cost of the membership and I appreciate all the useful contributions so far...
  20. S

    2000 Mountaineer blew front diff...possible to "downgrade" to 2WD?

    Hello everyone! My friend's 2000 Mountaineer (same as explorer of that year, right?) blew the front differential on a road trip and instead of spending the 1000 the mechanic says it will cost to replace it, I was thinking we could just remove it and make it a 2wd vehicle. I read on this...
  21. M

    96 ford Front Differential not engaging

    Has any one ever had a problem with their 4 wheel drive to where once 4 wheel auto or low is selected the transfer case engages but the front wheels do not? I can spin the one wheel and that other spins. No noise when I drive the vehicle. This has caught me off guard this winter. I'm...
  22. 9

    Whats my gear ratio?

    I have 1994 ford ranger 4x4 and im needing to swap out the front diff. but i dont know wht gear ratio is in the front end. Can someone help me?
  23. K

    Grinding/ringing sound coming from front end of 98 sport

    So I've got a '98 explorer sport with about 160k miles on it. Recently this truck has been having a few different problems. But the one issue that is concerning me most is this periodic grinding/ringing sound that sounds like it is coming from the front end of the truck. And along with the noise...
  24. D

    Rear differential ID help - tag gone

    The bolted on tag that IDs the differential type is gone. I already tried calling ford, but they do not have the information since its a 97. Any help identifying which rear diff i have would be greatly appreciated. 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Ed. 4.0L SOHC Auto 4x4 ("auto - high -...