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front end

  1. C

    Popping Noise when turning....Driver Side

    I have recently replaced both wheel bearings in my 2004 Mountaineer. I have all replaced the upper control arms with the ball joints included in the assebmly. Recently we have been hearing a popping noise only when driving slow and truning. The noise seems to be coming from the drivers side...
  2. C

    Upper control arm

    I have a 99 xlt that needs an upper right ball joint so I've decided to do both sides. My question is my truck has the one piece upper control arm, will the two piece replacement work for me? Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. G

    Full front end axels and suspension repair, please read

    I need a how to or a video or a diagram showing how to repair the whole front end to my explorer sport. i went into a ditch and now the rims, axels, suspension, shocks, everything under the motor needs to be replaced. any manuals or how to's would be amazing. u can call or email me with...
  4. A

    1996 Explorer AWD Rolls back on hill

    VIN # 1FMDU35P3TZB18794 - Should be a 1996 AWD V8 Eddie Bauer explorer. I bought this a few months ago for $800 just to pull my boat back and forth. It has been in rouuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh shape but did run good. It has an exhaust leak and the check engine light is on because of that. The...
  5. D

    Winding up noise in front end

    I have a 93 4x4 Ex. I did a search already and haven't found much info so... It sounds like its Winding up/down when i go faster or slow down. Bearings and a few other things have been checked/fixed i just had the rear differential rebuilt. The noise was there before it was rebuilt and still...
  6. J

    01 explorer sport to 07+ sport trac front end conversion

    Hey just wondering if anyone here has seen or done a front end swap from a 01 sport or sport trac to the 07+ (2nd gen) sport trac front end? Is it possible from a bolt on stand point? It seems to me aside from the updated headlights the fronts are almost the same. My plan is to get the 2nd...
  7. D

    Wanted need help getting rid of squeaky front end 2002 sport trac

    Thanks in advance for all of your help. My Sport Trac has 150k miles and has been very good to me. But as of the last several months it has been squeaking when turning and going over bumps:eek:. I think that I need to replace the upper control arms and the lower ball joints. Any idea on a...
  8. B

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle?

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle? 1998 ford explorer AWD 5.0 L: When maintaining speed i hear a roar from L/F tire. If i let off gas, noise goes away and if i speed up it quiets down. If im at highway speeds if i let off the gas pedal completely, i feel a...
  9. mr1mrwun

    Front end conversion question???

    Ok, I'm currently in the research phase and I've been looking up front end swap options for my '91. Idk if I'm doing the wrong search or if nobody has done it before, but I'm looking to swap or convert the front 4x4 with the suspension from a 2nd gen to my 1st gen. Like I said I've done some...
  10. B

    Squeaking in the front end.

    Ok so i just bought my first vehicle, and its a 1999 ford explorer xlt 4.0 SOHC 4x4 with almost 200,000 miles on it. Its a great truck and will have pictures up soon but when i turn side to side it squeals... even if im sitting still...and it squeals when the front of the truck goes up and...
  11. J

    94 explorer limited, front end wobble

    Well i took my explorer to a shop for the wobble, it kind feels like a loose tire or a warped tire on a bicycle, they told me i needed an passenger side tie rod but wanted 150 to install it, my dad and i put it in for 40. front end wobble is still there, on a suggestion from a friend we rotated...
  12. S

    1996 Aerostar E-4WD keeps dropping the front axle.

    When nearly empty, and with bench seats removed, my van dropped an axle on the passenger side when I hit a bump in the pavement. Took it to a pro garage, they replaced it; loaded the van with furniture and household goods, left there and dropped the same axle one hour up the freeway after...
  13. T

    Front End Grinding

    I have searched a bit, but can not find a thread with my exact symptom so hopefully someone has some insight. I have a intermittent but serious grinding in the front end. It is 1999 sport OHV 4wd/Auto Automatic Trans, bone stock. The grinding occurs whether the vehicle is in 4high or Auto. It...
  14. K

    Grinding/ringing sound coming from front end of 98 sport

    So I've got a '98 explorer sport with about 160k miles on it. Recently this truck has been having a few different problems. But the one issue that is concerning me most is this periodic grinding/ringing sound that sounds like it is coming from the front end of the truck. And along with the noise...
  15. F

    2001 explorer sport leaning to one side

    :( front end problem ? leaf springs look ok Torsion bar problem any way to adjust?
  16. V

    I need help with a front end noise.

    I've never posted before, but have found a ton of helpful info from you guys!! Anyway, here goes... I have a 1997 ex with the 5.0 and awd. The problem is a serious clunking / knocking sound from under the front end. First thing I thought was the driver's side cv joints. The noise would start...
  17. W

    Front End Noise -not hubs.

    I had a noise in the left front, a wub wub that went up and down in frequency with speed. Replaced the sealed hub with new timkin unit. Noise still there. Any ideas? Also, if I take the hub off will autozone take it back, or should I just figure its going to need it soon anyway? 2001 Explorer...
  18. 1

    Front Diff/Transfer Case/4x4 Problems

    I am still new to this forum, but am looking for some insight. I have searched up and down and the answer seems to be the Transfer Case. But just wanted to post and get some feedback. The front end of my 1996 4.0L Explorer binds and pops very loud when in 4 wheel drive high while turning (esp...
  19. H

    Grinding in 4-wheel drive

    Been lurking here for a while but this is my first thread. Recently my '94 explorer started making a growling/grinding noise when the 4 wheel drive is engaged. sounds like it's coming from under the truck...maybe front driveshaft area? I suppose it could also be somewhere in the front end but...