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  1. M

    Intermittent click noise from from end - with video

    Hey folks, Hoping to use some collective experience and brainpower to diagnose an issue. I've done extensive searching about clicks and rattles coming from the front end, but nothing that quite describes this. Nothing seems broken, it's just driving me insane. But I finally got it audible on...
  2. T

    White Smoke

    Hi, I have a 1997 Explorer, XLT, V8 at 105k Miles. I just had this unpleasant experience on the highway today on a long trip. White smoke started coming out from the front. I pulled to the emergency lane and saw that the smoke was coming from the radiator side. Everything looked fine, no check...
  3. W

    Front Hitch Curt 31500

    Hey guys, new member but a long time visitor. I am currently building my Explorer Sport and I'm looking for the older Curt front hitch. I dont like how the new hitch comes out to low beneath the bumper. I like how to 31500 comes out in the bumper opening. I am wondering if anyone has one they...
  4. P

    Front axle play - CV joint or Diff bearing ?

    hi there, first post from me, Sympthoms are driving around 1500 rpm - 20 to 40 km/h I get some winning noise/vibration back through steering, engaging 4x4 high definitely makes it worse, turning doesn't seem to affect it really I can can get it while on a straight line, still there when 4x4...
  5. P

    Question about sway bar end link lengths; experiences with 1AAuto

    My '03 needs a lot of front end work and my local shop (who I normally trust 100%) quoted me an insanely high price to replace both front upper control arms, both front lower ball joints, both front inner/outer toe rods, and all four strut/coil assemblies, along with my rear sway bar end links...
  6. A

    Steel Brake line ABS to front wheel

    I have a leaking front brake line from the ABS pump to the front brake line on my 95 Explorer. Does anyone know what style flare (i.e. bubble, double flare) and line size I need to replace it?
  7. A

    Creak/pop noise from front end

    I've been going crazy trying to figure out what is causing this insane popping/Creaking noise front my front drivers side. I've recently noticed it only happens when I'm turning my steering wheel right, even if it's just slightly. Even yesterday I just parked and rocked the car side to side and...
  8. M

    02-05 Custom Front Bumper

    I recently just built this bumper for my rig, what do you guys think?
  9. E

    Front-End Vibration on Acceleration

    Ok. My issue is not new. I already searched around on the forum and found a few people discussing this but no posted updates or "SOLVED" threads. I have a 2006 AWD. I have a vibration on acceleration (in pedal/front end). If you let-off and step into it again it goes away. Note also.. I do...
  10. S

    is there springs on the front of a 97 mountaineer?

    Hello I have a 97 Mercury mountaineer 5.0 it sags alittle on the front driver's side and I don't see any springs so I'm wondering if there is any or what could cause this issue thanks in advanced
  11. I

    2015 Explorer XLT, front tie-downs?

    Hi. I've got a 2015 Explorer, XLT which includes the tow package. My question is what are people using or adding to act as tie-downs at the front? It looks like I could loop rope onto something (not sure what it's called) under the front just behind the rad off to the sides. Thanks in advance!!
  12. A

    Push Pins for front valance 2012 Explorer

    What is the part number or compatible equivalent for the plastic push pins that hold front valance, air-dam, spoiler, lip or whatever that thing is below bumper? I'd like a part number or a link please. THANKS! This is a link to the part I'm referring to...
  13. G

    Front Brake Hoses

    Hello: I've got a 2000 Explorer 4x4 that the passenger side front caliper was locking up. We bought this used and drive it quite a bit so I bought new calipers, rotors, pads and hoses. Everything went on great except for the hoses. The originals were twisted and the repair manual says they...
  14. T

    Front Trailer Hitch

    I am looking for a receiver hitch that can mount to the frame in the front of my explorer. It is a 1996 Eddie Bauer w/ 5.0L V8. The lower plastic piece of the bumper has been removed so that it wont be in the way. I have read a few threads and people seem to have installed them but I am worried...
  15. W

    Any advice on replacing doors front and second?

    Hello, New to this explorer forum. Have a 2002 late year explorer V8 and I need to replace both the front passenger and side passenger doors. The car rolled down the driveway and across the street in to some trees. Found two good doors. And Want to know what issues I may face taking off the...
  16. T

    Front end knock/thud when turning and accelerating?

    I have been driving my explorer for about 2 years now, but it has been in my family (My dad drove it) since 1998. Other than some small issues like replacing tires and a couple other things, I haven't had much trouble. Recently, I have been hearing a knock/thud noise from the front end when I...
  17. M

    Another "Front End Whine" Thread

    My first thread so go easy on me. I know there are a few threads similar to this one floating around in the search function and I have read them all. I'm hoping I can explain my unique situation and get a different answer to my problem though so here goes. Its a 1998 5.0 AWD Explorer. TT and...
  18. Front panel electric box.

    Front panel electric box.

  19. 12707 front bleeder screws.

    12707 front bleeder screws.

    Thread size is 7/16" X 20 X 1 1/4". Overall lenght is 1.27". This bleeder screw has a built in check valve, and fits on the front caliper of a 1995 Aerostar. It's made by Motormite/Dorman/Help.
  20. L

    Swap out Twin I beam Suspension

    I want to get rid on my 95 rangers twin i front suspension just dont like the idea of camper change eveytime i hit a bump. what is a good idea to swapout the front suspension without doing and major frame alterations.
  21. S

    Measuring the front driveshaft

    The boot on my front driveshaft has a huge cut in it and I'm losing grease from the u-joint. The only way to fix this is to completely replace the front driveshaft. When I stopped by autozone to ask about it, they said there is a 23 in. one and a 24 in. one. Two questions: 1. How do you...
  22. Aerostar front brake hardware kit # 2.

    Aerostar front brake hardware kit # 2.

  23. Aerostar front brake hardware kit # 1.

    Aerostar front brake hardware kit # 1.

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    help with noise while turning left

    when turning left the front right of my vehicle makes a griding noise. can't quite diagnose the problem. maybe someone else had this problem? please let me know. its annoying to the point that i.. well i would just like to get it fixed. thanks in advance
  25. M

    05 Sport Trac brake problem

    Hello, I have an 05 Sport Trac with a serious brake problem. My front passanger side caliper is locked up onto the rotor and won't release. The real problem is it just did that and I bought and replaced the caliper with a new one two weeks ago. When I changed it out last time I also replaced the...