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fuel delivery

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    2006 Ford Explorer 4.0 Fuel Pump Wiring Issue

    I recently replaced the Fuel Pump in a 2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0. It ran briefly and then the fuel pump stopped coming on when I turn on the key - no sound / no start. I replaced the Fuel Pump Driver Module and that seemed to do it for a day then once again a no start - could not get the...
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    2020 Explorer 2.3 high pressure fuel pump

    Hey guys and gals, This is my first post here so let me introduce myself. My name is Weston and I live in Las Vegas. I recently purchased a 2020 Explorer XLT and almost immediately started to modify the car with what was out there (which wasn’t much). I started off with the snow performance...
  3. C

    2005 Fuel Delivery Problem (i think)

    My 2005 Explorer starts and runs fine BUT.... Run it for an hour and shut it off it will start for a split second and shut off almost as if it had a bad key chip. Kept trying it and every 2 min it will run just a little bit longer everytime you turn the key. After about 15min it runs fine. I...
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    Surging while driving

    I have a 92 Explorer XLT 4x4 with Apprx 211,000 miles.No CEL. recently its been surging between 35-45 mph if im accelerating. it almost refuses to stay between 1,000 and 2,000 rpms only during that speed. I changed the plugs & wires about 800 miles ago and it fixed it. but the surging has come...
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    Explorer 4.6 V8 ... Stuttering/jerking on acceleration

    When accelerating my V8 2002 Explorer stutters like there is a fuel supply problem. I don't believe it is a diff or transmission issue as it doesn't happen all the time ... only when stepping on the gas. Has anyone else had this problem and more importantly, fixed the problem.
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    1998 Sport, 4.0 Crank no start. Help?

    Friend of mine has a 1998 sport, with a crank no start. We found that the key was bad, causing the theft light to blink, I missed the light since he was cranking it and I was under the hood, we used the spare, and it started right up, we thought we had fixed the problem. Then when he tried to...
  7. N

    03 ranger 3.0 miss under acceleration.

    hi. my truck runs pretty well considering it has 185k. it has a rough idle, which may or may not contribute to this problem: it accelerates fine until it warms up, then if i step on it to pass someone or merge onto the interstate, it falls on its face somewhere between 3 and 4000 rpms. it does...
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    Cranks but won't start-2000 Explorer

    Cranks but won't start-2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHV - 230,000 mi Engine replaced at 200,000 mi 1. Replaced fuel filter 2.Checked fuel Pressure. It is at 60+ PSI 3. It rune when I use Starting Fluid or put gas on the air filter 4. It stopped at work so I can't do much like pulling the upper...
  9. F

    '98 Explorer 5.0 not starting

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and am looking for some help with my problem. The truck was running fine till I stopped to run an errand and it started up then began acting like it was running out of fuel. This went on for about 3 minutes then stopped running. I was unable to get it to start after...
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    Help diagnosing fuel delivery issue

    I have a 2001 Sport, bone stock, with 107k miles. It has been my daily driver for 3 years now and just recently it stopped starting. It will run for a good 5 minutes before it dies and it wont start at all. A few weeks back it threw lean codes but they arent showing anymore, that is why I think...
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    sport trac intermittent start

    so-here we go with the first post.i have a 2001 sport trac.it has a problem that has been puzzling me.when i bought the truck 2 1/2 years ago it was bought as non running as it sat for 8 months.when i would try to start it the fuel pump would not energize.turned the key a whole bunch of times...
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    Wife's Daily Driver need help ASAP please

    Okay, for some reason my wifes 94 explorer dies after getting warm, I get no power to the fuel pump, the relay and the 20amp fuse under the hood are all good, just put in new inertia switch from ford, and am about to go crazy. Now the really crazy part is, if you let it sit for a few hours and...
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    Wanted 94 explorer start and stall problems

    I have a 94 ford explorer 4wd. 213,000 miles. Has been giving me alot of trouble lately. replaced coilpack, spark plugs and wires, maf sensor, egr valve. replaced fuel filter bc car wouldn't accelerate uphill or drive at highway speeds. mechanic found lots of trash in old fuel filter. but did...