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fuse 13

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    1999 Explorer, P1451, fuse 13 blows, canister vent solenoid, check engine light

    Hello, it's great to have a resource like this Ford Explorer Community. Thank you for your insights and help on this problem. I'm avoiding going to a Ford Dealer and what to, if possible, fix this myself. Any help would be much appreciated. If Fuse #13 (under the hood) blows and that fuse...
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    1999 Explorer V8, OBDII Code P1451, Canister Vent Solenoid, FUSE #13 Blows

    Hello Everyone, Glad to have this Ford Forum and Community available. Hope someone out there can give me some guidance and possibly interpret this data from my scanner. It seems to me that if fuse 13 blows (in the fuse box under the hood) and controls the Canister Vent Solenoid (located...
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    Help! brake lights are not working and fuse keeps blowing.

    I replaced my factory radio with an aftermarket unit. The brake lights havent worked since then. I've been through two wiring harnessess and grounded to the chassis on one end and to the back of the radio on the other end. I finally have taken the aftermarket unit out and reinstalled the factory...
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    2002 Explorer XLS 4Dr 4x4 4.0 vin E

    Fuel gauge and everything on multifunction stalk stopped working except for high speed wipers. Had fuel gauge sending unit in tank replaced. $500 later, still no fuel gauge. Had multifunction stalk replaced. $185 later, still no stalk functions except high speed wipers. Took to another...