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fuse box

  1. J

    Damaged Fuse Box, no Ignition Power!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2017 Explorer PIU with its stock center console wiring cut out during decommissioning. I accidentally partially drilled through the cabin fuse box as well as the power wire to it while drilling a hole through the firewall to install an inverter. I entered the fuse box in...
  2. D

    Fuse diagram under hood 02 Ford Explorer Sport

    Can someone direct me to a fuse diagram under hood passenger side for a 2002 4l v6 Ford Explorer spoet
  3. G

    Power windows help?

    I'm sure there are 1000 posts about power windows going out, and feel free to just reply with that thread if you know how to quickly find it. For reference, I have a 2001 Explorer XLT and live in the Atlanta area. None of my power windows will roll down. Thankfully the issue must have cropped...
  4. P

    Accessing cabin fuse box??

    So I've read all the threads and I can actually see the fuse box. The problem is there is a huge cover going over everything and I cannot physically get my hand into the fuse box. Is this a 2013 thing? It is bolted on so doesn't look very easy to remove. I don't even know the purpose of this...
  5. M

    2005 Ford Explorer fuse box problem

    Yesterday morning the engine would not turn over. the dash received power and the nights would come on and the beeping sound would happen if the lights where left on. I had it towed to my Mechanic. He told me it is the fuse box that needs to be replaced after he determined that the starter was...
  6. R

    New here, need electrical advice!!

    Hey guys I'm new here and already apologize because I'm sure this has been answered, but when do I absolutely need to change my fuse box? I had a wreck last year which sent me into a creek and just got my Explorer back running after an engine swap. The under hood fuse box is fine, however the...
  7. R

    brake lamps not working

    the pedal switch is working but I dont have a fuse diamgram to see if its a fuse? and does anyone know if brake lamps bulbs are seperate from turn signal bulbs?
  8. E

    2005 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT v6

    Hello all, I am new to these forums but I have been interested in getting a 2005 explorer for my everyday use vehicle. I live in Buffalo, New York where weather and be less than forgiving and I need something that can handle it. Although I hate to give up my 2006 Monte Carlo SS I really do not...
  9. T

    Fuse box diagram for a 1995 Ford Explorer.

    All I need is the diagram for the fuse box of a 95 Ford Explorer to find out which one is the fuel pump fuse. All these links that come up want be to pay big bucks for this little piece of information. Does anyone know a REALLY free place I can get this? Thank you.