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    4X4 fuse keeps blowing

    Hi all! I recently bought a 1994 Explorer Limited 4x4 with the button activation. When I purchased the car the gauge cluster minus the speedo was not working, as well as the 4x4 was not activating. Today I went to check the fuses, #17 controls the gauges and the 4x4, and it was fried, I...
  2. A

    2006 Explorer XLT Washer Fluid Issue

    My windshield washer fluid pump isn't working. Figured it might be clogged, so I blew compressed air throughout. Still didn't work so I bought a new pump ($19) and installed it, but still not working. Asked my dad to listen if the pump hums when I press the switch, he says it was silent. I'm...
  3. S

    Fuse for subwoofer

    Hello, i am new to this forum so i hope i am posting this in the right place. I installed a subwoofer, and amp in my 1997 ford explorer limited, and i have the wire that tells the amp to turn on (i know that's not the official name, but bear with me) wired to the antenna fuse, but that only...
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    2004 Ford Explorer Heated Seat Warmer Always On

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with heated seats. For some reason the switch is always on, but there is no light on the switch itself other than the display on the console that the driver's side heated seats are on (and hot buns). Is it safe to just unplug the fuse switch in the driver's side fuse...
  5. M

    2007 Ford ST fuse

    I can't seem to figure out which fuse is for the cigar lighter. Which one would it be? It doesn't say in the manual. Thank you
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    Quit running and won't start

    Hi Guys... Wife was driving the 2001 Sport Trac and it started to lose power, then stopped running. I checked it out and when I try and start it, it produces a rythmic clicking sound. Checked the battery and terminals and it appears the car is getting sufficient power... never did this before...
  7. B

    2007 Ford Explorer blowing fuse #43 (coil) when accelerating

    Hi everybody! My 2007 Ford Explorer XLT (6 cyl, 114k miles) often blows fuse #43 when I accelerate hard or medium-hard from a stop -- causing the coil to lose power and the vehicle to stall, often in a busy intersection, which is fun. I can go a few days without blowing a fuse if I accelerate...
  8. D

    1997 Ford Explorer fuse help

    So I recently tried to use the cigarette lighter on the passenger side of my explorer and noticed it did not work. The cigarette lighter next to the radio on the front works just fine. I looked at the fuse (#17 i think) and it looked fine. I was just curious why one works and not the other.
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    A/C, heater, defroster not working

    Hello So I recently had my cabin fuse box replaced, which was not the problem it turns out. more on that in another post. After I got my car back the A/C heater defroster wont work in front. the one in the back works. When I turn it on and I am driving against the wind I do get a slight breeze...
  10. B

    Rear wiper won't stop....

    Sooo... today my rear window wiper decided to just keep moving regardless of the switch position.. I pulled what was labeled in the owners manual as the fuse to rear wiper/washer fluid and sure enough the wiper did stop.. but now my directionals and heater won't work.... anybody experience...
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    where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter? 2003 sport trac xlt

    I just bought a pack of fuses at autozone, i googled before and it said fuse 24 was the fuse for the cigarette lighter, but the pack doesnt have a fuse named 24? help? it has a bunch of 20s and other in it
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    How do i get my cigarette lighter to work again?

    My sister put the end of her phone charger into the cigarette lighter hole, and it made this pop noise, ( the actual cord.the square/rectangle usb end) later on i put my car charger in and it didnt light up, i know i need a fuse, but is a fuse all i need? or do i have to get a whole new...
  13. N

    07 Explorer: Power Driver Seat Stuck (Fuse?)

    Appreciate any help; I've looked around ExplorerForum.com quite a bit but haven't solved my issue yet. Power driver's seat is stuck all the way in the forward position. Pressing the seat adjustment buttons does nothing (no grinding sounds or anything). It's just completely dead. Owner's...
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    2013 Explorer Power Point / Cigarette Lighter Power Issue

    Good Morning All! First off, I apologize if this has been hit somewhere else on the boards, but I couldn't quite find anything more than fuse locations. Situation: The Power Point in my little front cubby under the radio is dead, as is the one in the middle compartment, and the back of that...
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    Any Advice?

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. I've had some past issues with loose battery terminals but none recently following a good tightening. This morning, the engine wouldn't turn over. The electronics were all functional, but there was no clicking sound. I would turn the key...and nothing. The...
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    2006 explorer XLT front airbag fuse

    Hi, Can anyone point me toward the steering wheel airbag fuse. I will be installing audio control and I need to know where is that fuse for airbag. I will disconnect the battery but I want to more secure with fuse removed before I start.
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    2003 Sport Trac - Randomly Blows Fuse while in Park

    Greetings. I have a 2003 Sport Trac XLT 4WD 4.0 SOHC that I purchased new and it's been a fantastic vehicle. It has 232,000 miles on it and still going strong with NO major part replacements to date. Recently, it has started to "randomly" blow the fuse that controls...
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    91 Explorer Interior Light Issue

    Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my lack of general car knowledge. :) I bought a 91 Ford Explorer back in May and while she's (mostly) mechanically sound, she needs a bit of TLC so I'm learning more about how to go about car repairs and whatnot. (Thank you Haynes manual!) Since I bought...
  19. K

    Help Powering Accessories By Hard Wiring?

    Hi! I have a 2005 Ford Explorer, and im a volunteer Fire Fighter out of Connecticut. Currently I have a lot of accessories running off of my Cigarette lighter port in the front. Basically I have a 3 port splitter plugged in with a Police Scanner (Uniden BCT15X), and FM Transmitter, and also a...
  20. I

    2004 sport trac i/p 50A fuse keeps blowing

    Hi all, first time poster. I have a 2004 sport trac 4th xlt. While driving the radio just shut off as well as the gauges in the instrumen panel. Stopped pit the truck in park, turned off and turned back on, no joy. I tried to put the truck in drive but the gear was stuck. So I turned it back...
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    before you go buy an alternator check your fuse

    I have a 2000 explorer 4.0 OHV, my battery light came on last week, check the alternator and all signs pointed to my alternator. So went to the parts store, his machine was down so I bought the new part anyways (we just bought the truck) thought it wouldn't hurt. Well everything went well but...
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    Fuse #13?

    I finally got my owners manual from the Motorcraft website and I was able to check all of my fuses. They're all fine but I noticed that #13 is missing. The manual says it's for "Heated Oxygen Sensor/EGR Vacuum Regulator/EVR Solenoid/Camshaft Position Sensor/Canister Vent Solenoid" Well I'm...
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    On-board diagnostics (OBD) not working

    Went to get my 2000 Explorer Limited inspected in NC. Their computer would not talk to the car through the OBD connect (just under steering wheel). The fix was super easy, but non-intuitive. The cigarette lighter fuse (no. 17) was blown and this apparently sends power to that connector...
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    Frustrating: NEW problem

    My 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 4wd has been non-stop frustration, and today there is an entirely new problem: NO ELECTRICAL. The battery is new and charged, but there is no electrical whatsoever: no dim lights, no clicking starter, nothing. What might be a logical problem (such as a main...
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    Cruise Control Switch.

    Hey everyone, I just changed out the recall switch for the cruise control on my X. I found a new harness at the local junkyard out of another 2nd gen. My old switch only had one fuse but the new one has two. It hooked right up and for the first time in years, I now have cruise control again...