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garage door opener

  1. B

    Explorer opens garage by itself?!

    Hi! I have a 2016 Sport Explorer, bought in June 2015. We've never had a problem with this and the garage door opener worked flawlessly but for the last 2-3 weeks, it seems as if the explorer is opening up the garage door by itself? It only happens when the explorer is "at home". I open the...
  2. M

    visor remote buttons

    Does anyone know how to set visor memory remote buttons by just using your remote controller? I used to set on my Lexus by pointing it at buttons. Manuel says you have to set learn key on garage opener. That doesn't work for me on a remote gate opener. Mark
  3. G

    Car2U - Great Customer Service Experience

    This is my first time posting to a forum but I couldn't hold back. I just had a great customer service experience with the makers of the Car2U garage door opener. I was unable to program my daughter's garage door opener to my new Ex. The opener is made by Allstar and it doesn't have a learn...