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gauge cluster

  1. E

    2013 Explorer - Right side information display went blank

    Hello, Started my Explorer today only to find the right side of the instrument display (phone, radio,climate etc) has gone blank. The left side is working fine. Is there a separate fuse for either side or does the whole display need to be replaced? Thanks in advance. - Derek
  2. L

    Message Center Jumbled Display

    Recently my message center began to display a jumbled mess (see video at link below) I was wondering if this is a known issue or if anyone recognizes this. I am stuck in a situation where the thing lights up yellow and beeps at me on startup due to the oil life monitor, but I can't re-set it...
  3. White Shift Indicator W Green Film

    White Shift Indicator W Green Film

  4. Temp Gauge Close Up

    Temp Gauge Close Up

  5. Temp Cluster

    Temp Cluster

  6. Temp Cluster Differences

    Temp Cluster Differences

  7. Temp Cluster Back Side

    Temp Cluster Back Side

  8. Original Gauge

    Original Gauge

  9. Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

    Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

  10. Original Gauge Minus Cover

    Original Gauge Minus Cover

  11. Original Gauge Cover Options

    Original Gauge Cover Options

  12. Original Gauge Back Side

    Original Gauge Back Side

  13. New Gauge Needles

    New Gauge Needles

  14. New Cluster Installed

    New Cluster Installed

  15. B

    Where can I go to fix the gas and coolant gauges for a 93 Explorer?

    The gas and coolant gauges are both stuck on their lowest indicator. Sometimes the gas gauge will read the fuel level properly, but if I shut the Explorer off and turn it on again, it falls right back to "E." I really don't know if it's a bad float or a bad sender or whatever. I've heard that...
  16. W

    Electrical Problem with Gauges / Includes Radio & Windows

    I've got an intermittent problem with the electrical in my stock 2005 Explorer. I've seen several threads where others have had the exact issue but never saw if or how it was resolved. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction! The problem is with the gauges/instrument...
  17. K

    Weird Instrument Cluster/Gauges problem - Frozen/Stuck

    2005 2WD Sport Trac, 88,000 miles. This just started this last week: I have two different problems, but they are most likely related. 1) My Speedometer and Tachometer (and also come to find out, Odometer) just get "stuck" or frozen. This can happen at any time...from driving 15mph, to...
  18. C

    how to change gauge cluster color

    if your looking to change your gauge cluster color form the green to a red or bule or some other color check out black cat customs link below im doing mine in red in a few mounths will post pics when done
  19. D

    1992 Ford Explorer Voltmeter Gauge

    Is there a fix to voltmeters reading everywhere but in the middle? I'm trying to return things to as close to factory as possible. I had a 91 Explorer with the same problem (new alt and batt) Thanks
  20. K

    Temperature Gauge spikes for 10 secs, then returns to Normal range

    About 10 minutes into the first drive of the day, my '03 NBX(XLT) temperature gauge will spike instantaneously from normal to all the way hot . This activates the check engine light, but then about 10 seconds later, it instantaneously falls back down into the normal temperature range and the...
  21. S

    Wanted Custom paper gauge faces?

    Does anyone know how to make paper gauge faces? for a 2002 ford explorer? i would love to creat some to match my truck! thanks :D
  22. M

    Replacing the Gauge Clusters

    Hey everyone, I have a 2001 Explorer Sport. Some of the lights behind the gauges have gone out so I have decided to replace it with a little something nicer. It's either: or: Now I found both on ebay The First picture The Second Picture I like the second one more but I wanted to know what...
  23. R

    2000 Ranger Gauge HELP!!! i bought the white face gauge kit for my 2000 Ranger 3.0 i had to pull the needles of all the gauges to put them on..and now the only gauge that works is the oil pressure gauge. i have lights..and the the Fuel Reset light is on. is this the problem?? or do i need to go further?? Any help...