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  1. M

    Diagnostic mode comes on by itself

    While running the diagnostic mode comes on by itself the gauges go dead and the interior lights come on and it will do it while driving. Also my speedometer will periodically take on a mind of its on going from 75 to 45 back and forth. Plus my gas gauge isn’t working
  2. T


    FYI: AutoZone is having a sale of the ScanGauge II (online only) for only $119.99 through 12/31/17 (vs. $169.00 at the manufacturer's website). Seems like a good deal if the operating system is current (otherwise an additional $25.00 fee to mail in/have updated via the manufacturer.)
  3. J

    Gauges dead. Everything else works. 2000 Explorer. Installed aftermarket radio yesterday.

    Gauges dead. Everything else works. 2000 Explorer. Installed aftermarket radio yesterday. So, my truck has been sitting for a few weeks as I painted it. Yesterday, I installed an aftermarket radio - since this is electrical, I am including this info -just in case-. Today, I started up the truck...
  4. C

    2003 Explorer Gauges all off

    I recently got new needles from a different year explorer (I got the white ones instead of red/orange). How do I get them back to read what I had before I replaced them? Is there a reset I can do for this ?
  5. B

    Where can I go to fix the gas and coolant gauges for a 93 Explorer?

    The gas and coolant gauges are both stuck on their lowest indicator. Sometimes the gas gauge will read the fuel level properly, but if I shut the Explorer off and turn it on again, it falls right back to "E." I really don't know if it's a bad float or a bad sender or whatever. I've heard that...
  6. S


    Has anyone installed AutoMeter or similar gauges (Trans Temp, Water Temp, Oil Press, etc.)? If so, what mounting method did you use? Please attach pics if possible.
  7. W

    Instrument cluster help

    So I pulled my cluster out to do an LED mod and take the blue 'paint' off the back of the faces, which entails removing the needles. Got the blue off of the faces and the faces back on, lightly attached the needles and put the cluster back in the truck with the stock bulbs for now until my LEDs...
  8. K

    Weird Instrument Cluster/Gauges problem - Frozen/Stuck

    2005 2WD Sport Trac, 88,000 miles. This just started this last week: I have two different problems, but they are most likely related. 1) My Speedometer and Tachometer (and also come to find out, Odometer) just get "stuck" or frozen. This can happen at any time...from driving 15mph, to...
  9. S

    Blue Gauges. Help please!

    I have a 99 xlt and right now the gauges are green. If i install blue leds will it glow blue, or like a blue green? idk how to upload pics on here but i saw one on here that was all blue it was perfect. if i can get it up here i will but i want it all blue. would i have to scratch off a film...
  10. M

    My gauges stopped working.

    so i was out in the snow today and when i was driving home all my gauges stopped working all the switches and lights still work and engage but the gauge cluster doesn't move have any ideas
  11. S

    Wanted Custom paper gauge faces?

    Does anyone know how to make paper gauge faces? for a 2002 ford explorer? i would love to creat some to match my truck! thanks :D
  12. M

    Removing Gauge Needles

    I recently put new gauges on my truck. These slipped over the current ones and required no removal of the needles. They were fine for about a week now I think the 2 sided tape gave loose and the needles stick.. I've searched but not found a good enough answer to my question. I plan on...
  13. M

    Paint Touch-Up + New Gauges

    Hey guys, So first off, I am buying a new gauge cover: I just want to know if you like them. And what I want to do is a nice interior paint touch up on some of the parts. I want to paint these areas: The panels around the cluster The control panel The cup holder (that's my...
  14. Elessar65

    Need Instrumentation

    I have a carb'd v8, c6, and solid axles. Needless to say none of my gauges work anymore. I was wondering if this would fit in the dash of a 95 Ranger? It would look a lot cleaner than a non functional dash, and gauges stuck all over the place. Its a race panel for a 94-04 Mustang. Link
  15. D

    1992 Explorer engine temperature and other questions

    My 92 explorer smells hot. When I look at the temp gauge it's usually in the middle. It does not smoke. But I notice that around the exhaust manifold it's grimy/greasy. I'm not loosing oil though. Also, the gauges seem to be all over the place, the speed and tach do not operate smoothly, I...
  16. B

    !help stumped!

    Hi I am new to this site just got logged in and have a question. I have a 95 explorer eddie bauer about 2 months ago my drivers door speaker started to crakle so I slid my deck out to see if the wire was loose,touching ect. when I had my hand back there all of my gauges droped now I have no...
  17. gauges


  18. Gauges


    I got white face gauges and continues the grey paint scheme on the bezel. I think it looks pretty sharp.