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    HELP! Rear differential spider gear's fell out

    Mid-job on my rear axle shaft replacement on my 91X and the spider gears fell out. I was using my impact to try to pull the new wheel studs through the newly installed axle and it looks like the S-spring shifted a bit and the spider gears slipped out. I have the spacers and know which one was on...
  2. K

    Won't start unless shifter pushed up hard

    In the last 2 weeks my explorer won't start unless my shifter is pushed harder in park. At first I barely had to push up on shifter but now it will barely start unless I push really hard up on it. It's always had play in it, but it does seem like it has more now. Thanks for any help!! I'm afraid...
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    Rear Diff ??

    I have a 2000 explorer 2-door 4.0l ohv. i replace the diff fluid some years back just for maintance. well i have been noticing it looks wet & i can see little drips under the cover. i think it might be from when i jack the rear up i put the jack unger the diff and the jack head pushes up on the...
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    2008 Exp Vibration/Noise???

    I have the 2008 Eddie Bauer with V8 4wd with just over 200k on it. I have a noise and vibration that gets worse the faster you go. I've had a mechanic look at it at least 3 times for it and has not found any wheel bearing bad, but this time he mentioned the front diff pinion bearing race might...
  5. J

    View current gear while in automatic mode

    Does anyone know if there is a way to view the current gear while in automatic mode on a 2013 Sport? I want to be able to know what gear I'm in at a glance. Also, I'd like to be able to log certain parameters including the gear so that I can look back over the data and see gear, RPM, shift...
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    Possible Rear End Whining/Whirring Noise

    Having a new issue with my Explorer now.. just got done pretty much doing a mass replacement of 90% of the suspension, getting tires, and an alignment. I guess by coincidence now that all that works been done now the drive train decides it's going to take a dump.. I notice this mostly at low...
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    Transmission Downshift Clunks

    So this has been a problem that's been going on for about a week now, had it to a shop to get the transmission fluid and filter changed, which definitely improved shifting, but did not resolve these clunks. This is on an automatic 2003 explorer xlt with the 5 speed. Here's what's happening...
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    High RPM / 3rd gear jerking

    My girlfriends 1994 ford explorer (130k miles) is having a problem that will not allow her car to pass a smog test. When she is driving around 35+ mphs , the car has trouble getting into(I think 3Rd gear). It will stay at 35mph and the RPM needle will almost get to the red before it jerks into...
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    Sometimes starts, sometimes doesn't

    Hello everyone, It's been a couple months since I've been on the forum, but my 2001 Sport finally decided not to start today, and I want to go through it's past misbehavior to try and solve my problem, and help others who may have the same problem. To start off, it's a clean Georgia 2001...
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    Transfer case Hi Low collar, or range shifter (pics)

    Had some issues with my rig. Pulled the transfer case and found this along with some other issues. First question: Is this still a viable gear? Second question: Where do I get a new Hi Low collar, or range shifter gear? Last question: Where do I purchase the Omega Shift Fork? Thank You.
  11. G

    2011 Explorer towing concern

    I'd consider myself a novice tow guy. I have a deep V boat I tow with both my 11 Explorer and 06 Escape without a problem. My wife and I now have a 18 foot hybrid travel trailer. It's dry weight is just short of 4000lbs and we've weighed it at 4200 when loaded with our gear. My question...
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    Solved Window Gear Bushings Replacement trouble

    Using that popular guide on this website I have tried a few times to conquer the task of changing the bushings in my motor gear for my '92 Explorer Sport. I am mechanically inclined (not that this is a tough job or anything..) so the task as a whole should be a piece of cake... However, I...
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    Megapost on Explorer Transmission Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I recently rebuilt the transmission on my 165k 2002 Ford Explorer, saving around $2000. I have taken videos on the entire process, and I have all the information needed. I will be updating this post as I edit the videos and upload them. I don't know how many people are...
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    Only switches from 1st to 2nd if I pump gas

    Hello all. My 94 Ford Explorer began to get stuck in first gear. When leaving a stop light, the transmission didn't slip but the RPMs continued to climb without switching gear. I figured out that if I wait until the RPMs get around 2000, I can quickly release the gas and slowly repress the gas...
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    99 Explorer Auto Shift lever problems

    Last Friday on the way home from work I noticed my shift lever was extremely hard to use but I didn't have any issues other than that. Yesterday I go to leave for work and now it wont start. I knew it wasn't a battery issue but I left in my wifes car as I suspected the shift lever to be the...
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    hello i am a new member

    I have a 2000 explorer xlt 4x4 Of course it has a blinking o/d light and am afraid to travel very far. It also has a loose shifter (on the column) that comes out of gear when stopped or going slow or on an incline. Is there an easy fix for this.
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    No 4th? Stuck shifter?

    Hey everyone, I had a problem today when I was driving to work. As always I started the truck and let it warm up until the rpms settled. I hit the road and noticed my tranny wouldn't shift into 4th gear, I was doing 2500 rpm at 40 mph. I noticed a slight delay from 4th to 5th a few months ago...
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    1992 Explorer stalls after put into gear

    I have a 1992 explorer. When I put it into drive or reverse, it stalls on me. It only does this when I first put into drive or reverse, just after I start it. Engine idles ok and will not stall if I give a little gas as I shift. Also if I shift it into neutral then into drive or reverse, it...
  19. T

    Gear ratio question

    So, I was wondering how streetable a 91 X would be if it was geared with 4:88s. Spool in the front, locker in the rear. Full width axle from a 79 bronco, hp 44 in front. I know its more off road set up, but wanting to street it too. (I'm thinking about buying this X fyi) Thanks for any help.
  20. F

    Help on my 2001

    its a stock 4.0L explorer sport two door but she wont be stock long right now its just got a two inch butt end lift with shackles so it sits level and its got 265/75r16 for tires so 31.9 to be right well in a few weeks a 3 inch lift will be going on well with a lift comes rims and tires so i got...
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    91 ford explorer My plan for re-gearing and sus. i need opinions

    I have a 1991 ford explorer, my plan is to get axles out of another truck and the case basically everything i need then re-gear and build the axles put on the 5.5inch suspension lift james duffy then install the 37" or 38" super swappers get everything ready and we i get a weekend i will raise...
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    gear selector wont engage after transmission rebuild

    What's up Everybody. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer 4x4. I just rebuild my trans and when I got it back in the gear selector on trans only has 3 clicks when I know there should be 6. why is it doing this?
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    rear axle swap

    :)hey guys - i have a 99 explorer sport 2wd and the rear axle is (from what ive read on here) a ford 8.8 and looking at my door code i have 3.29 open dif. i wheel the truck a bit and while i dont have the money for a 4wdswap until after school, i was thinking for $150 i could get the rear axle...
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    Check Gage + Hard shift + Gear slippage at same time?

    Ok, I did a search and found a thread that sounded similar to my issue at first but the conversation turned into a discussion about thermostats: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119377 So, yesterday I was on my way to pick up a set of rotors and pads after work. On the...
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    Mazda B2500 ABS and most warning lights? GEM?

    (Ranger clone) all of a sudden ABS light came on, and truck does not want to stay in 3 or 4th gear (Overdrive, automatic) Replaced sensor on top of differential, no help. Took to a garage, a guy messed around with with scanner and codes, he thinks it is the GEM? After looking at a few...