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  1. T

    Is this a bad GEM module?

    My 1996 Ford Explorer is acting up, windows, speedometer, interior lights, radio, and abs aren’t working, I first decided to tackle fixing the windows all 4 didn’t work so I bought a master switch and that wasn’t it so I got a new relay wasn’t it, right now I’m thinking it’s the gem module also...
  2. rasouth

    No wipers.

    Hey guys... I have posted this problem before and have worked on it off and on, trying to narrow it down. The problem is my front wipers do not work when using the multi function switch, (turn signal). I have checked all relays, fuses, wires and connections, check for continuity, tested the MFS...
  3. D

    96 explorer 4.0 5spd numerous issues

    back story is about 2months ago I bought a 96 as stated in the title. kid I bought it from said he'd replaced clutch, but now had no reverse. sure enough he was right. engine was solid and body was great for around here. when driving could hear a rotating part whine, I assumed he'd put throw...
  4. M


    My new battery is draining . I pulled # 26 and test light went out. I replaced #26 now no instrument panel . Checked power dist. Box fuses all mini s all good. What is next ?
  5. T

    2003 Mountaineer - No power windows, gages, radio, chimes, etc. HELP!!

    I have read numerous posts on these items not working. I would like to share everything I have checked and ask what I should do next. 1. I tore the door apart and check the wires coming through the boot from the door to the body. I found a larger black wire that had been repaired before...
  6. R

    2000 Ranger Speedo Issue

    Hi Forum. My issue is the speedometer on my Ranger is intermittent on then off. I replaced the sending unit in the rear axle, checked for bad connections, isolated the RABS module, spent $400 at the shop. Shop guy says the GEM may be the issue. My ranger is a dead simple 4x2, manual. No other...
  7. E

    Replace gem

    I have a 01 explorer sport that needs the gem replaced for the 4x4 to work. I'm told it has to be put in by ford, but if I find a gem on the same model car, can i just throw that in myself?
  8. 2

    Going 4 Wheel. Help?

    I'm planning my 4wd conversion for january and so far I think I'm going to start with the transmission and transfer case. I plan on ordering a rebuilt 4wd 5r55e and BW 4405. I was going to go with a manual 1354 at first but unlike most people I actually want control trac. Everything seems simple...
  9. C

    coming back after 3 1/2 year abscence thread

    well.... i´ve had my x since quite a while now, i´ve always had maintenance and repairs done promptly, but..... some stuff has been piling up for a while. Even though i´ve been lurking the site every now and then with my phone and tablet, spare time hasn´t been what it was before, since i´m...
  10. D

    How to decipher GEM module #'s & letters

    Couldn't find a thread showing what the different numbers and letters mean on a GEM module on here. My '95 4door 2wd 4.0 shows a gem of F57B-14B205-BF "F" I figured that the 2nd digit (5) is the year, after that its all Greek to me! I also saw some GEM's listed for 4x4's with all the same...
  11. D

    97 explorer hardwire 4x4

    i know im a noob on here,and i have looked through numerous threads,but i cant quite find the answer im lookin for,what i want to do is see if i can hook a toggle switch up to engage 4x4 100%. im not worried about the "high" or "low" range,im goin to set up a linkage or cable for that,or just...
  12. S

    GEM Location: Illegal, Trick Question?

    Folks, I started a thread asking for the location of the GEM on my '02: I got some help but, when I looked as directed, I still couldn't find it. Turns out that the GEM doesn't exist on a vehicle built after 03/2002...
  13. B

    Windshield wipers do not work

    Hello all. I have a 95 explorer 2 door that I have been having issues with the wipers on. I had a new multifunction switch put in and I'm on a newly refurbished GEM. The wipers only worked when it was warm out when I first got the car but now they don't work at all. The first GEM I had put in...
  14. K

    95 Ranger won't start from time to time

    95, 2.3 4-cyl engine with about 215,000 miles. For about 2 years now I've had an on going problem. Every now and then the engine will not ignite. The starter will turn, but there is no spark or engine start. Had it in the shop and they suggested replacing the fuel pump relay. And also...
  15. R

    Gem module programing

    Is it possible to program a Gem module that i got as a used part if i dont have the original gem module from the truck? checked on motorcraft and they dont have anything prior to a 1999. it turns out that the gem module is not outputing power neither was the original one so i trashed it not...
  16. D

    No Reverse

    Been looking thru the other threads and havent found an answer yet :( Lost Reverse..... in my 99 explorer XL.. automatic wit auto 4x4. have changed the multifunction recall.... as the door ajar light, 4x4 light , chimes, and wipers and such were all messed up- but that did not fix it...
  17. M

    GEM, Fuse, or something else?

    First so bio data. 2003 Completely stock Explorer Limited. So here's the newest problem. One day, about a month ago, I go to get out of my truck and remove the key and notice that the radio was still on. Immediately I was slightly puzzled as I exited the vehicle still hearing the radio being...
  18. S

    95 Explorer XL 4x4 Problems PLEASE HELP

    Hello All, First off just let me say that I am new to this forum so if I am posting in the wrong place I am very sorry. I will just start from my first problem. A few months ago I took my Explorer in to get inspected and it failed because the back up lights weren't working. I brought it...
  19. B

    Mazda B2500 ABS and most warning lights? GEM?

    (Ranger clone) all of a sudden ABS light came on, and truck does not want to stay in 3 or 4th gear (Overdrive, automatic) Replaced sensor on top of differential, no help. Took to a garage, a guy messed around with with scanner and codes, he thinks it is the GEM? After looking at a few...
  20. D

    GEM beeping

    Hey Fellas, I have a 98 Ranger 4.0 that had a check eng light, had it read and cleared but the vehicle beeps, I was told this is the GEM and my shop couldn't clear it. Is this a factory issue, does it mean the GEM is bad, or can this be disabled?
  21. J

    97 Explorer XLT electrical issue after accident

    My Explorer was hit by a truck while parked in the rear driver side. The bumper was damaged bad as well as some damage to the rear quarterpanel. I chased the guy and caught him (hit and run). While the police did the report, the Explorer died. I was able to restart but realized the next day that...
  22. R

    Parasitic drain - GEM?

    Hi all, I'm in search of an opinion/advice. Vehicle in question is 2002 Explorer XLT w/tow package, early build. After several days of jumpstarting, I have determined that the truck has a 250ma current drain, key off, etc. Factory specs say no more than 50ma is typical. Chasing down the...