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  1. V

    O/D light blinking, check engine light blinking, burning smell.. PLEASE HELP!!

    Hello y'all, im not much of a car junkie so i have no idea whats going on with my car I have a 1996 Ford Explorer & about 3 weeks ago i went on a 600-800 mile trip about 3 weeks ago & suddenly the O/D light starts flashing; i got really worried since i was in the middle of no where but...
  2. Z

    First Time Buyer Questions - 2000 XLS

    Hi all! I'm looking at purchasing a 2000 Explorer XLS I found on Craigslist. The seller doesn't have a lot of info on the car, she says her son bought it then left it for her to sell when he went on a church mission. Here's what I know: Mileage is at 170500 Engine is 4.0L V6 FI SOHC...
  3. J

    HELP! Lift needed

    Hello all, I just got a 1998 XLT 5.0 and need to replace shock and such was thinking since i was doing it any way i should just go ahead and do a lift kit maybe 2-3 inch lookin for a dependable set up for a novice to improve handeling and manuverability. Thanks for any input Jeff