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genoa peak

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    my return to genoa peak trail (near lake tahoe on the nevada state line)

    here are a few pics from my weekend trip to the top of genoa peak. we got to the top this time to catch the coolest sunset you will ever see. the pictures dont do justice to how nice it was up there. we did run into a snag when i parked the truck off the main trail and didnt realize i was...
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    im going back to genoa peak this weekend, and this time im getting to the top!

    hey all, this weekend me, the gf and the dog are going back to the lake tahoe area, and we will be going back to genoa peak. this time we are going drive up friday night and camp out by the lake and we will be hitting up the mountain trail in the morning with a friend meeting us there so this...
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    my serious exploration to lake tahoe and genoa peak off road trail (pics!)

    the best thing about california is that you can drive in any direction and in three hours, you will find any type of environment you want. urban, forest, mountains, lakes, ocean, desert, beaches, rivers. this is our off road tour of lake tahoe. we only had a day up there, in a few weeks we are...