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glass lift gate

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    Can’t find a hatch glass! 2002 Ford Explorer XLS

    Rear hatch glass exploded. I’ve had plastic over it for over two months now. Had to get it inspected so now have a 30 day temp sticker. I might have to get it renewed if they allow that. For reasons I’m trying to understand the auto glass place and 2 salvage places looked up the vin number...
  2. C

    2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition- Life Gate Glass

    Good Afternoon I have a 2002 Explorer that the life gate glass broke on me a few months ago. As most of you know that have had this problem it is an expensive piece of glass. I have contacted the local dealer and they tell me that there are different part numbers for the glass because of serial...
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    How to open glass lift gate?

    Hey everyone, I know this is a really silly question, but how do you open the glass lift gate on an '02 explorer? I always thought that it couldn't open separately on mine, by when I was at the car wash, they opened it somehow. When I asked them how, they said they didn't know. I think it...