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  1. M

    Rear Window Glass Hinges

    Hey everyone, amidst all the other issues I've been having this month on my Explorer, one of the rear window hinges decided to break off leaving the glass panel dangling on one side, it made for a very interesting removal process fighting with the lifters and trying to avoid breaking the glass...
  2. C

    2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition- Life Gate Glass

    Good Afternoon I have a 2002 Explorer that the life gate glass broke on me a few months ago. As most of you know that have had this problem it is an expensive piece of glass. I have contacted the local dealer and they tell me that there are different part numbers for the glass because of serial...
  3. S

    Sport Trac Glass?

    I recently came into possession of a window that I was told was for a Ford Explorer Sportrac. The only way I can identify it is by some numbers on it. It says Ford Carlite tempered as3 dot 287 m203 db09768ypy. Does anyone have any idea what it would go to?
  4. M

    Rear window glass -- Looking for a part, but I don't know what it's called...

    Folks, I picked up a 2006 Explorer XLT, V6. So far it's fantastic. However, I opened the rear glass during a grocery trip and noticed a piece of trim missing. I'm looking for a replacement, but I admit...I don't even know what it's called, so I can't locate it on any of the usual parts...
  5. E

    I had an oops with my pop-up sunroof.

    I went out to my mom's Saturday to have some dinner for Mother's Day. It just started to get nice around here so I decided to pop out the sunroof and let the wind blow. When I got back home it was dark and I was tired, so I quickly snapped the glass back into place and cranked it down. It seemed...
  6. toypaseo

    96 privacy quarter glass interchange with what years?

    Somehow, my rear quarter glass shattered. No idea how. No indication it was shot. My insurance deductable is $250. I know this is a fairly easy DIY project, so off to the junkyard I go. All the 95-97 quarter glass was gone, or had deep interior scratches. I did pick up a 91-94 one, with...
  7. M

    Help! Hinges on 2007 IronMan Snapped!

    Was opening my glass hatch and the hinges sheared completely! Is there any known issues with this? I know there was issues with the 3rd gen. Will Add photos soon.
  8. M

    2001 Explorer Sport Liftgate issue(s)

    Where to begin... I was rear ended two years ago, and my Explorer spent 3 weeks at the Collision Center. When I finally got it back, I noticed it sounded like a door was open when I was driving. A few months later, I was going through a high pressure car wash, and realized water was leaking...
  9. E

    Greetings from a new member

    Just a quick note to say "HI" I live in southern Riverside County, CA. In April we got our first Ford and our first 4x4 - a 1988 Bronco II XLT. We are loving it, and will love it even more in winter as we are at 4000 feet elevation in a very rural area and have gotten snowed in several times in...
  10. J

    Rear driver's side window keeps falling down & doesn't work.

    My rear drivers side window keeps falling down. You can hear the motor run when you press the button. It seems that it is not attached or something. Two questions... 1 . anyone have any ideas on the problem? 2 . how do I get the door panel off? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. S

    Broken side view mirror Glass

    Hi there everyone, Someone broke my right side view mirror (glass) on my 2004 mountaineer and left me with an empty shell of the housing, probably took the glass that fell off with them. Went to buy a new mirror but the new one does not fit. There is a 1cm gap between the stub in the housing...
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