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    Hub ABS Ring Teeth Greasy

    I recently had my ABS sensor go out on my '98 4WD, front left wheel. No ABS light but it exhibited the typical activation of ABS when slowing down to a stop around 5 MPH. I put a new ABS sensor in and haven't had the ABS activate since, but while doing that I noticed something. Looking down...
  2. M

    How Do I Grease My Accelerator

    I just bought a 2005 Eddie Bauer and the accelortor is very touch. If I dont fix it or pay my mechanica to fix it I am told that I am going burn something out. my currently solution to the problem is to shift from 1 into drive once I get moving. Is this a common problem or the way that...
  3. 7

    FLEET Dealer Experience

    I have a company car and am able to choose from many vehicles and brands. I posted about my experience with my 2011 here: and after some poor service I decided to get a Toyota, not because I wanted a Toyota, but the only...
  4. E

    Possible misfire question and something I saw that seemed odd

    Ok, well after quite a bit of work my explorer is driving great and I can get around 20mpg if I'm nice to it. It starts right up every time and under normal driving it shifts ultra smooth. Well, when I got it it ran like crap and afer I did all of the basic tuneup steps, I decided to run...
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    My Pet Peeves after first month

    I bought a black on black 2011 Limited Explorer the first of February. After the first month, I still love the truck, but there are definitely some issues which are bothering me on the truck. The biggest nuisance are horizontal grease lines being left on both my driver and passenger side...
  6. C

    Grease for 4x4 hubs?

    I'm in the Northwest and looking forward to some wet, snowy, likely slushy/salty conditions and when the weather is good in the future, I found a recreational spot that requires passing through water up to the hubs. The grease in my manual warn hubs around the o-ring dust seals look grungy...
  7. The hub without the grease cap.

    The hub without the grease cap.

  8. Grease cap removal.

    Grease cap removal.

  9. S

    recommended grease for Wheel bearings X 93 4X4

    Hi Everyone!, i was looking on the Posts, but i can't find some information about the recommended grease for the wheel bearings, i remember I was reading somewhere that the Lithium grease with Molybdenum disulfide is the recommended by Ford. What do you think? it's that truth? :( Thanks