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    Please help me figure out what this piece is called!

    Hi there, I just created my account on Explorer Forums because for the life of me I can’t identify this piece. It’s that plastic thing underneath the truck below the front and back doors on both sides. I’m gonna try uploading a picture of my Explorer with it circled if I can figure out how lol...
  2. T

    Tail Light Guard Install

    Hello everyone, I am trying to install my Tail Light Guards and I am having the hardest time trying to install them. To the brackets go on the inside of the metal wall with the light or over the metal? I tried searching for a good picture or a install, but couldn't find anything. Can anyone get...
  3. S

    opinions, opinions...

    as the title states, i need to hear some things about i have been doing some research on a few j**p forums and found that these tires have been reviewed well. im looking to get some guard dog m/ts 265/70r16. like i said i have seen good reviews on j**ps but not any on here. so...
  4. N

    Winch mount on grille guard?

    I need some ideas for mounting a winch on a grille guard w/ stock bumper. What I'm thinking is put a bar in between the frame points, then put two other bars up through the bumper the grille guard. Then make the winch bolt on the the grille guard + the two bars coming from the frame. Does this...
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    Need help with Brush Guard.... No brackets.

    I bought a used Brush Guard from someone for $75, but it didn't come with brackets. I thought it mounted directly to the frame but after reading threads here, I found out that I need brackets. It looks like a Hunter brand. Any idea where I can get the brackets? I have a 04 Explorer. Thanks.
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    How-To: Billet Grill Cheap and Rad. Rock Guard

    First gotta give credit were credit is due. I first saw this mod on Crawlin91's Rig and after talkin to him about how he did I decided to do it and make a How-To on it. Crawlin91's Rig Alright so the main reason I did this mod was to add some protection to my Radiator from rocks cause a few...
  7. J

    Brush Guard question regarding a 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer.

    Hey i've been looking to get a brush guard for my 2000 ford explorer eddie bauer and i ran across one for a 2001 ford explorer sport, and i was wondering if that one would fit mine or not? i've noticed with a majority of the brush guards that the years range from 97-01 for a particular one. I've...
  8. This ring holds the blade guard in place.

    This ring holds the blade guard in place.

  9. The spring with the blade guard removed.

    The spring with the blade guard removed.

  10. The spring of the blade guard.

    The spring of the blade guard.

  11. Comparison of the upper blade guard.

    Comparison of the upper blade guard.

    This is for a cordless trim saw.
  12. Broken blade guard, and top handle comparison.

    Broken blade guard, and top handle comparison.

  13. Blade guard comparison.

    Blade guard comparison.

    The blade guard on the right is broken.
  14. im000905-2


  15. Westin Sportsman Grillguard

    Westin Sportsman Grillguard

    Westin Sportsman grillguard and Autozone lights
  16. Manik Guard

    Manik Guard

    My Manik grill guard and Pilot fogs.
  17. Another shot

    Another shot

  18. Truck w/GG and PIAA's

    Truck w/GG and PIAA's

  19. Grill Guard 4

    Grill Guard 4

    Another Angle
  20. Grill Guard 3

    Grill Guard 3

    Cleaned up.
  21. Grill Guard

    Grill Guard

    Needs to be adjusted...but least it's on.
  22. New Grill Guard

    New Grill Guard

    It is WAY too high, and needs to be adjusted, but it was VERY cold out at least I got it on.