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  1. D

    13' Custom Headlights

    Looking to have someone do, or to buy a set of headlights with the LED strip in them like newer model cars. And or halo rings around the projector any help would be appreciated thank you
  2. G

    Halos And Relay Harnesses For An XSport

    Anyone doing halo kits in a 2013 Ford XSport? What size halos will fit on the projector lens of the halogen headlight and foglight housings? I ordered some from Summit Racing that said they were vehicle specific but they were not the correct size (too small). Also any suggestions on a reliable...
  3. D

    Greetings from your newest Vendor specializing in headlight customization

    Greetings Ford Explorer Family! It is an honor to be your newest registered Vendor. Our specialty is the manufacturing and customization of Automotive Headlights. Anything from custom one-off paint-schemes inside the headlight shells, to projector retrofitting and specialty-LED placement...
  4. S

    Hid halo fogs

    Any one know where I can find a hid halo fogs for a 99 explorer?
  5. J

    Halo Kits???

    Is there a way to put halos, or "angel eyes" in my '03's headlights? do they sell them anywhere? If they don't sell any headlights with halos in them, i know they sell kits, and I don't know how to disassemble the headlight assemblies and not hurt anything. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  6. J

    How to: 3rd Gen LED Halo Headlight Mod

    Hi All...Creating this to showing all how to mod your own headlights with Halo's! {Order did get a little screwed up with the color purchase of the LED rings, but still looks good :) } :ttiwwp: First off, took me about 2 hours for first light, then 30 minutes for 2nd light...
  7. J

    2002 Explorer 4.6L Project(s)

    I've seen a thread on here that has green LED Halo's within the headlights. I've already searched it up, even went on eBay for pricing. The problem is: Just for the Halo LED's (pack of 4 halos) is $199.99. I know the Explorer headlight ring is huge and and the Halo’s would make it look...
  8. D

    any chance they would fit?

    Does anyone know of a way i could use these lights in my 93 explorer? I have seen lights for the explorer listed as compatible with the 93 bronco so i was thinking they might work...
  9. T

    Led and Halo Fogs

    Has anyone had any experience with these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/White-LED-Halo-Projector-Fog-Light-Kit-Switch-Bulbs-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQfitsZYearQ3a2002Q7cMakeQ3aFordQ7cModelQ3aExplorerQQhashZitem415aa55deeQQitemZ280693661166QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_5214wt_1138