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hatch door

  1. L

    Wanted Hatch door

    In need of a rear hatch door 03 explorer sport 2dr
  2. J

    Rear hatch door doesn't open. Window does.

    Need your help, my rear hatch door is not opening. The window does but not the entire hatch door. Seems like the latch may be broken or so. Don't know how to open it from the inside to try to fix it. I couldn't find any posts related to this.
  3. G

    Rear Hatch Handle cover

    My wife has a 2001 Sport and the black plastic cover over the rear hatch handle disintegrated from age. I removed it as the remaining edges were sharp, but now the tag lights are exposed. I can't seem to find it listed anywhere on line. Is my only option to go to a dealer to order it? :(
  4. M

    Broken Rear Hatch Door Handle

    Hey, the handle to the rear hatch door on my 2003 Explorer Sport XLT is broken. I can pull the handle and it springs right back but I can also feel that its just not catching on anything. I know I can fix this problem if I could get the door open but I dont know how to do that. If anyone has any...