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head gasket

  1. E

    Hard start, #3 misfire, 3.5l

    I have a 2013 no turbo 3.5l. For about a month now, my explorer has been hard starting, but it eventually starts. It runs fine after it starts. I thought maybe a fuel pump, but i can actually smell gas thru the exhaust. It's also pulling a misfire on cylinder #3 on start up. But no CEL. I...
  2. D

    4-cyl Turbo Blown Head Gasket

    I have 2018 Edge SEL. Last month with 70K miles on it, the head gasket "blew". Minor, it seems--I was still able to drive it with a "Misfiring Cyl#3" code. I watched YouTube on how to add gasket sealant. I bought the high-priced good stuff that was recommended--with carbon fibers-- and FOLLOWED...
  3. T

    Intake manifold gasket?

    Yesterday I drove around 5-6 miles and when i stopped I noticed white smoke/steam coming from under my hood so I checked and found a puddle of coolant on my manifold the vehicle has never run hot I checked my oil to see if there was coolant in my oil but there isn’t I can’t find any visible...
  4. A

    External Oil Leak from Head?

    Hey guys. To start I've guy a 98 OHV that's leaking a good amount of oil. Constant drip at running pretty much. Dripping from the mating between Engine and Transmission. I had believed it was all from the Rear main and replaced that months ago (horrible job to do alone). That helped the leak a...
  5. E

    2001 V6 3.0L no compression after head gasket change

    A friend gave me their truck after it's been sitting for a year. I did some inspection on it and it looked ok. It started right up so I shut it down immediately. Then I started inspecting the fluids and found the coolant had leaked into the oil and had been completely emulsified into a nice...
  6. C

    Hello everyone!

    What's up Explorer folks! New to the forum and recently purchased a 03 Explorer for a low price of $900 due to a head gasket leak. The owner was told by many mechanics that he should just put another reman engine in and all said and done would run about $3800. He didn't want to do that, so he...
  7. N

    I'm going insane. Overheating again.

    Okay, thought the problem was fixed. 2001 Ford Explorer Sport, 4.0 SOHC. I can idle all day but once I drive it or rev it high around 2k, the temp rises. I run the heat and AC, no changes still rises. A lot of the water in the radiator goes back into the reservoir, no bubbles that I've noticed...
  8. 0

    Exhaust in coolant/coffee-very dark milky oil - can I rule out cracked block

    Hello, I'm concerned I have a cracked head or a bad head gasket or a cracked block. Coolant reeks of exhaust fumes and is darkened in color. . Upon changing my oil, the oil looked like coffee or really dark chocolate milk after 800 miles. A sample has been sent to Blackstone. The prior...
  9. P

    1999 4.0 OHV loses power

    Hey all. I have a 1999 Explorer XLT with a 4.0 OHV. The codes and the local Ford dealer tell me i need a new Left O2 sensor. Here is my problem. Driving along, the engine will lose power. It barely accelerates and will eventually stall. I'll start it up again and it will run fine for a bit, then...
  10. J

    Help with a starting/running issue!

    Hello, I just finished replacing my heads and manifolds with headers. Got it all back together went to start it and it started right up. Wouldnt idle but thats nothing new (Probably bad IAC). Normally it will idle after a minute or so of holding the gas to about 1K rms. It did eventually idle...
  11. J

    1997 4wd OHVFI 4.0 Explorer Overheating

    Ok, first time Ford owner. Replaced the water pump because it was losing coolant to discover that the freeze plug in the driver's side head had a tiny, oval shaped hole in it and had to be replaced. Replaced that to find that it is overheating with no loss in power leading me away from the...
  12. E

    planning Necromancy

    Its time to bring the old Exploder back to life. You have this unique opportunity to give advice, spells, potions and wizardry. Help bring back an old Explorer that has been dead and unstarted for over 4 years. All suggestions and comments, directions to other threads or books are welcome. 1996...
  13. D

    2001 Sport..To Sell or Not to Sell..Blown Head Gasket

    Hello I bought a 2001 Explorer Sport almost 5 months ago..200,000 miles in (seemingly) great condition inside out . I bought it from an older gentleman who seemed impeccable and very knowledgeable about cars..especially Fords. He had bought a new Ford SUV and wanted to sell his 2001...
  14. Number4

    Phase two

    Phase 1 of 3 was to finish rebuilding the '94's engine and get it back on the road. Phase 2 of 3 has begun. See if the '03's engine is salvageable. Should just have two blown head gaskets. Heater core hose check valve (?) busted on the previous owner causing an over heat. A friend and his...
  15. R

    Head Gasket or Intake Manifold Gasket - How to tell?

    Hey guys. I recently picked up a 2002 Explorer with the 4.0. It had been wrecked but otherwise ran and drove. I replaced the radiator, fan, fan clutch, and water pump (all damaged in the impact). While replacing the water pump, I removed the thermostat housing to give myself room. So I...
  16. A

    I dont think its my head gaskets. HELP!

    Can someone please help me, just brought a 98 explorer sport 4.0 sohc engine 138.000 miles and im not sure if i have blown head gaskets, it does not smoke, it does not mix oil/coolant, it is not over heating what i do nitice upon review is small drips of water thru exhaust but stops when it...
  17. A

    Need help on replacing 4.0 sohc Head Gasket

    Hello everyone, i just brought a 98 explorer sport with a 4.0 sohc but it turns out the reason why i got it so cheap is because it has blown head gaskets. Im thinking on replacing the gaskets myself and would greatly appreciate any tips on what special tool i need and in greate need of any...
  18. M

    New Head Gaskets or replace Engine?

    My 96 4.0 has blown a head gasket. I've done 4.0 gasket before and it's a bunch of work. The engine has 160,000 miles on already and had a noisy lifter before the head gasket blew. I know I'll need gaskets at least and lifters and who knows if I have a warped or cracked head. The...
  19. A

    Possible cracked cylinder head?

    I have a 1996 manual transmission Explorer, 4.0 L with almost 150,000 miles. I love having a stick shift explorer, but I've been experiencing engine problems since almost the time I bought it a year ago. I thought I resolved this issue a while ago, after I took my car for a rough idle. I had...
  20. J

    Hi I'm new and have a question...

    Hi all, Pretty sure my heads are cracked and I'm about to order some. I have a 2000 4.0 v6 4wd OHV explorer and have a question about purchasing aftermarket heads. Where could I post a question like that? Jackson
  21. T

    2006 4.0L heads

    I have a '06 4.0L that has 106K that I have to pull the heads (coolant leak), my question is if I'm going to have it apart should I replace the timing gear also (benefit v cost)?
  22. S

    Blew head gasket, added Irontite sealant

    So as the title says, the head gasket let go on my 96 Ranger 4.0 OHV @ 163,000 kms. It was an external leak on the passenger side. Pissed coolant all over the ground and was running hot - but not quite at "H", and I limped it home. Since a pricey repair is a questionable investment at this...
  23. J

    Transmission Cooling Lines & Radiator

    Hello Everyone! I'm attempting two auto repairs concurrently. One is replacing the battery cables on a 1994 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.6L (manual transmission) in the hopes I won't need to replace the alternator. The other one, which is what this thread is about, is a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport...
  24. P

    2001 Sport has me stumped

    Hey guys, I have been a member since Jan 2012 and have gotten alot of good info from all of your post. But now I have a problem that I can't seem to find any answers. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport with a 4.0. That is pushing coolant into the expansion tank until it overflows. In the morning I...
  25. J

    head gasket leak?

    Hey there, I just bought a 92 explorer with 330000 original miles... unfortunately the only original thing is the engine. The guy i bought it from told me that he had to put a quart of oil in every month. I suppose its not terrible but id like to fix it. I had a friend who is a technician look...