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    Head Gasket Advice

    Back in 2015 my heater hose broke and caused my vehicle to overheat, and I’ve replaced every gasket down the lower intake since then, due to leaks. I started getting a misfire(p0304) a few months ago and was losing coolant. I added some k seal and it went away. I drained the radiator to get rid...
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    Solved '97 OHV- Missing and Fuel in Head

    Hey explorer forum, This will make my first post- I've always used this site for info but figured I might as well join already. Anyway, my '97 4.0L OHV 5-speed sport has been idling and accelerating roughly for a week or so. The smell of gas is incredible and always-present, and there...
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    04 Explorer 4.6L Spark Plug Woes

    I have an '04 Explorer with the 4.6L V8 with 130K miles. Due to the milage, I decided it is time for a tunes up so as I was changing spark plugs, one of them (Cylinder no. 8) broke off in the head. No, not the ceramic breaking off and leaving the body. The body of the spark plug. The ceramic...
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    Head gasket project

    Have a question or two for ya'll I got this Explorer a week ago knowing it needed a head gasket, well thats all well and good I can do that, however, When we were taking the exhaust manifold off the bolts broke(no surprise there) but when i went to Advance Auto parts the bolts they have listed...
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    The recent drama: head gasket, plugs, dpfe sensor, ignition coil?

    Okay so I'm new here but I reference this forum a lot as a guest. Thought I would sign up and ask this particular question. I'm going to be very detailed in hopes that I provide enough information so excuse me if this post is a little lengthy. =) Thank you in advance for anyone who can assist me...
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    4.0 blown head gasket.

    So Im pretty sure my ohv 4.0 has a blown head gasket. It leaks coolant from the back of the block. there is milky oil on the oil cap. and theirs water coming out of the exhaust pipe. I need a quick fix. what do you recommend? and yes ik ik the right way is to get the heads checked and new...
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    Confusing Problem

    Hello I have a 93 ford explorer that is 4x4, the vehicle has done good up until this point. I first realized the problem when the heater core went out and i replaced it. When i put the new heater core in it was blowing hot air and working perfectly, then i put it in 4x4 to get up a hill when i...
  8. Front of the head.

    Front of the head.

    This is a lift support head.
  9. Back of the head.

    Back of the head.

    This is a lift support head.
  10. Two Torx head screws on the side.

    Two Torx head screws on the side.

  11. Lower Torx head screw.

    Lower Torx head screw.

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    4.6L V8 coolant loss

    Hey there, I am new here, and hoping someone can help or has experienced something similar. Been having a few issues with my 2003 Explorer Limited of which both myself and my father (35 yrs as a top level mechanic) are dumb-founded by. 1. Started having coolant loss back in the fall. It...
  13. Truss head self drilling screws.

    Truss head self drilling screws.

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    1993 Explorer Head Unit Install

    I recently purchased a 1993 Explorer 4x4 4 door 4.0L V6. Only problem is it's got no head unit and I would like to install one except I don't know how and I am not paying someone $100 to do it for me. Somebody please help.
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    Help with 94 explorer factory speaker amp?!?!?!

    hey guys i just received a 94 Ford Explorer 4 door, not sure what size the engine is...its 4x4 and it also has the "premium" sound package or as i would like to call it the "pain in the a$$" sound package. i destroyed the rear passenger panel in the cargo area to reveal the stock amp. There i...
  16. Repaired door lock wiring with the bulk head.

    Repaired door lock wiring with the bulk head.

  17. Door panel bulk head disconnected.

    Door panel bulk head disconnected.

  18. Eclipse HU

    Eclipse HU

    Eclipse CD5441 Head Unit with 5962 6-disc in-dash cd changer.