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  1. R

    Auto Headlight Issue

    Hi, we have a 2002 Explorer XLT with auto headlamps. When the headlamp switch is turned to park or headlamp, all works as it should. When turned to off the obvious happens. The problem lies in when we turn to auto, the headlamps come on as expected but the park/running lights as well as the the...
  2. F

    Headlight not working, but bulb is OK

    My 2015 Explorer (Base model with 4WD) has just acquired a problem. The LH (Driver's side) headlight has stopped working. I had been running Philips 9011 C1 bulbs, but I kept my OEM bulbs for spares. I replaced the Philips bulb with the OEM, and it is still not working. Note: Parking lamp is...
  3. W

    Drivers Low Beam not working but Passenger does? Yet all High Beams work?

    Hey all, My 1996 Ford Explorer EB Edition is having issues with the drivers low beam where it won't come on at all but the high beam does, the bulb on the passenger side lights up in low and high beam. I've changed the bulb in the drivers side and that didn't do anything however I've tested...
  4. M

    Right headlamp high beam sticks in on position

    We have a 2013 Explorer with a headlamp high beam that sticks in the on position. Strangely enough, this only happens in cold weather. The dealership wants $900+ to repair it, but I thought I try this forum first. I've searched the web for help without success. Hopefully someone here has...
  5. D

    Wanted Aftermarket Second Gen Headlights

    Anybody have a set of aftermarket headlights for a second gen? Such as the black or chrome reflector ones. I want to do a Retrofit but don't want to do it on my own headlights. I would need just the head lights, not the corner lights/parking lights. If they're leaking or the housing is...
  6. J

    Does Ford use different projectors for Explorer Halogen & HID? ...ANSWERED!

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen / heard this question asked: If you purchase the optional upgrade to HID headlamps on the 5th Gen Limited, does Ford change just the hardware needed to make the switch? Ie. ballasts, wiring, bulbs? OR does Ford install a new HID-Specific projector also...