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  1. M

    Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram for Visor Install

    Alright, thanks to the millions of threads about the melty wire switch problem that many have had though I personally have not, it has been a chore to try to find (unearth as an archeologist,) a diagram thread for the headlight switch on 2nd gen. Plenty of 02 and up threads. The few I did find...
  2. M

    Right low beam not working.

    Hi, I have a 2017 XLT 2.3L, my right low beam is out, everything else works (DRL, signal, high beam ). Is there anything I can do to fix it without replacing the whole headlight unit? I haven’t touched/done anything to it, it just went out in its own. Ps. That headlight unit is new from almost...
  3. C

    weird headlight staying on issue 2017

    hello, i have this 2017 ford explorer and for some reason the headlights randomly decide to stay on after car is shut off and locked, its in a random combination of the bulb or the drl strip being on / off on both sides , along with the rear lights , my only guess is a bad ground since this car...
  4. 2

    Headlights/Dash Lights Flickering

    I noticed recently that my headlights and dash lights have a slight flicker at idle, when in drive. It goes away if I raise the rpm’s or if I turn the truck off. I had the alternator tested and it was fine, but I noticed that when I tested with my multimeter the voltage would jump around. It...
  5. A

    Front vents not blowing any air but rear and ceiling do.

    I have a 2017 ford explorer xlt with 43k miles. Recently lost front blower vents but the back and ceiling vents work on all settings. Any idea what would cause this? where should I begin? also recently lost front passenger side LED low beam and signature drl (but turning and highbeam work.)
  6. C

    2017 Explorer Civilian front head lights

    Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in trying to get my front head lights like the interceptor utility (or really any interceptor lights). Does anyone know if this is possible, is this a lighting module or the light itself? If it’s none of these can it be done with FORScan? If anyone here let’s me...
  7. 9

    I need help specific to 99 explorer Eddie Bauer V6 only headlights not working

    Here's the deal. My low beams do not work via the switch on far left of driver side, all other lamps work including fogs. I have replaced the switch months ago and had no issues. However low beams failed to work recently so I removed the panel again exposed the switch I had installed. The...
  8. A

    Headlight will not come out of assembly

    I am hoping that someone has had this issue before and has a trick they used. The drivers side headlight went out on my 2011 Explorer. I went to change it by removing the rubber headlight dust cover and turning the base of the low/high beams 1/4 inch counter clockwise per the user manual. The...
  9. cbasssssss

    2017 Headlight Wiring Question

    Hi everyone, this is my first post! Anyway, I bought a LED "Ford" emblem for the front grill of my 2017 Explorer Sport. The Ford wording lights up when power is supplied. I'm trying to wire the new emblem to my headlights so it will turn on when the headlights turn on. But I am having trouble...
  10. J

    Jeep Cherokee Headlight assembly

    So ive been looking for some after market headlights for my 92 and the options out there are slim and none truly catching my attention. That is until I stumbled upon these projector beam jeep Cherokee headlight assemblies and they look incredibly similarly shaped to the explorer ones and my...
  11. L

    Right Side Headlights stopped working

    Hi Gang, I checked the bulb (replaced it) and checked the fuse. all seem to be working. My Explorer is a 2006 XLT and it's stock as far as I can tell. At least nothing externally appears to be modified except for a aftermarket radio. What else can I check? I plan to check the plug...
  12. New Eyes

    New Eyes

  13. D

    Navajo to Explorer grille and headlight information?

    Picking up a 1992 Mazda Navajo on Saturday. She's no looker. Aside from already being a Navajo front end, the grille is in multiple pieces. Well, that and the peeling paint. I want to pull off the Navajo grille and lights, then replace them with an Explorer's lights and grille. I have a few...
  14. A

    Solved Comparing LED bulb to my old Halogen bulb - Explorer 2013

    Since we all know that Explorers have very poor yellowish Halogen headlights, I decided to change them and install HID. the thing is I do have my DRL enabled in both of my headlights, and installing HID will require me to disable my DRLs, either with Forscan or by heading to the dealer. so...
  15. Rhett

    headlight switch connector question

    So I had some intermittent blinking of my interior lights. Knowing the ol fried headlight switch issues we sometimes have, I pulled the dash and pulled the switch and its connector.... Yeah. Ouch! And the switch is getting replaced too. The resistance and heat there got the switch too...
  16. D

    13' Custom Headlights

    Looking to have someone do, or to buy a set of headlights with the LED strip in them like newer model cars. And or halo rings around the projector any help would be appreciated thank you
  17. Rainlord

    Small light inside headlight not working, or am I missing how/when it works?

    I've been trying to figure out - both from online and the Ford manual - what the following light does: No matter how I switch the lights on in the car, whether it's day or night, or what I do light-wise, can I get this light to light up. It seems it's wired in a chain after the blinker, but...
  18. T

    Aftermarket Headlights for first gen ex

    Been looking online for some aftermarket headlights for a first generation explorer and can't find anything. I really dig the look of the anzo headlights and was looking for something close to that. Does anyone know if anyone makes anything like that for the first gens?
  19. A

    Headlights and other various accessories

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the thread I've poked around but never posted. I'm really intreguied by the STs I see on here and want To know what I can do to make mine stand out. I'm really curious what other vehicles are compatiable with the 01 STs headlights. I really want to find some halos or...
  20. D

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    I'm about to buy a set of these to try in my car. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-80W-CREE-LED-Headlight-Conversion-Kit-H4-H7-H11-6000K-White-Light-Bulb-Lamp-/321936364867?hash=item4af4e71543:g:SBcAAOSw8-tWXbu7&vxp=mtr Everyone knows about the HID craze right now, but I'm very curious about...
  21. G

    9004 and 9007 Headlight Bulbs - 40% Brighter DOT / SAE Compliant

    Headlight Bulb - Explorer 1991-1994 - Twin Pack - Wagner Night Defense BP9004ND2 Headlight Bulb - Explorer 1995-2003, F-150 1992-2003, Ranger 1993-2011 - Twin Pack - Wagner Night Defense BP9007ND2 :thumbsup:
  22. L

    Why is the headlight switch getting hot?

    Recently bought a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer. All of a sudden the headlights didn't work. Found a spare headlight switch in the back of the car from previous owner. Looked at switch and pigtail was somewhat melted but was running fine according to voltage regulator. Light switch power seems to...
  23. D

    Both tail lights flash with turn signals

    I recently replaced all front and rear turn signals and the tail/brake lights with LEDs. I got an EP27 LED relay from Advance Auto, so there's no rapid flashing. The only problem is that now when I use my turn signal, both front turn signals flash (as if I had the hazards on) and both rear...
  24. D

    Wanted Aftermarket Second Gen Headlights

    Anybody have a set of aftermarket headlights for a second gen? Such as the black or chrome reflector ones. I want to do a Retrofit but don't want to do it on my own headlights. I would need just the head lights, not the corner lights/parking lights. If they're leaking or the housing is...
  25. D

    How to Separate Headlight and Fog light lenses (without home oven)

    Hey guys, So I have been thinking about doing some projector lens retrofitting on my trucks fog lights (or headlights) so I made a video no how to separate the lenses. The headlights are sealed beams 6x7 which are common on older jeeps and pickups, but the fog lights are from my B3000. The...