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  1. J

    2014 Explorer Sport head light upgrade?

    Hey guys, I have a 2014 Explorer sport and my headlights absolutely SUCK so I'm looking for something that would be brighter, OEM or aftermarket. Does anyone have experience with a certain aftermarket brand or even OEM that they've used and had success with? I feel like I'm driving in the...
  2. D

    93 Explorer - Headlights will not go off - THE answer

    Well that was effing a pain in the @ss. So my headlights....and yours....won't go off. Crikie! Been all over the place with this trying to find a true answer for 3hrs today and 2 more at 1am last night. No matter what you do they won't go off, and you finally pulled the battery...
  3. P

    No low beams, brights only work when pulled.

    Bought It about 3 months ago, the headlights were brand new. About a month ago I hit 218k and almost instantaneously as it rolled over, my dash lights went off and would only come back on if I turned on my headlight switch. NOW THIS IS WHERE I START TO HATE MYSELF It was daytime so I didn’t...
  4. M

    2012 Ford Explorer Limited headlights

    My daughters headlight got hit, rain leaked in and has now stopped working. I'm assuming I need to replace whole headlight assembly since it's cracked. The attached pic is what is in it. This type of light seems very expensive to replace. Can I convert to a different light or am I forced to pay...
  5. M

    Aftermarket headlight housing

    I have a 2011 explorer limited with factory hids. I’m looking for aftermarket headlight housings but have had no luck due to having the factory hids. Does anyone know a company or website that sells the aftermarket headlights with black housing and clear marker lights? I’m looking for something...
  6. M

    2011-2015 DRL bar headlight assembly?

    I have a 2011 Explorer that i am looking to upgrade the headlight assembly’s. I see the style I’d like is made for the Edges but i am having a hard time finding that style (similar to the 2016+ DRL bar style headlights). I’d appreciate any help finding options for this
  7. DemonMudder

    My WIP '99 Explorer

    Working my way towards making her all blacked out, first the headlights and taillights, now the grille and brush guard. Working towards full offroader!
  8. D

    Headlight Quit Working

    I have a 1998 Ford Explore 5.0 AWD and both headlights quit working. If I hold the hi-beams on the hi-beams will work. I have changed the multifunction switch and still have the same issue. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what they did to fix it.
  9. T

    02 Exp XLT High Beam

    Good day, fine folks! High beams not working in 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. All the other functions of the multi-function switch are working. Checked fuses, and relays identified in manual. The #49 relay is clicking when high beam switch on MFS is activated. No power to the #46 20a fuse at any...
  10. T

    Headlight problems

    I have headlight problems in my 97 Ford explorer. When I checked the headlights, the side (orange) ones work fine when I test them but the main ones that are troubling me. I have a driver-side high beam that works, but not the passenger side. I have watched a video that helps but doesn't solve...
  11. M

    Replace headlight bulbs with LEDs on 2014 PIU?

    Howdy, Has anybody replaced their Explorer/PIU's headlight bulbs (9005) with LEDs? How did that go? Better or worse than with halogens? Do they flicker, did you need an anti-flicker capacitor? Are they positioned correctly, not too high or too low? If you've done it successfully, which LED...
  12. C

    2017 Explorer Civilian front head lights

    Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in trying to get my front head lights like the interceptor utility (or really any interceptor lights). Does anyone know if this is possible, is this a lighting module or the light itself? If it’s none of these can it be done with FORScan? If anyone here let’s me...
  13. A

    2004 XLS low beams not working - please help

    Hi All, So I have a 2004 Explorer XLS 4.0L. My wife drove home last week from work later then usual (dusk), and as she pulled up to the house I noticed that only the parking lights were on (had driven it two nights earlier with no issues). I started investigating the issue. The parking and high...
  14. cbasssssss

    2017 Headlight Wiring Question

    Hi everyone, this is my first post! Anyway, I bought a LED "Ford" emblem for the front grill of my 2017 Explorer Sport. The Ford wording lights up when power is supplied. I'm trying to wire the new emblem to my headlights so it will turn on when the headlights turn on. But I am having trouble...
  15. S

    Headlights flashing while car is off

    So i have a 2004 Ford Explorer 2WD, and my headlight/brake lights will occasionally flash while the car is off. It happens at random. i will go outside and see the lights flashing at the same rate a turn signal would flash. i usually unlock and lock the car again which makes the flashing stop...
  16. D

    2013 XLT headlights only lasting about a year

    After purchasing our 2013, I did not notice replacing the headlight bulbs for first couple of years. Over the past three years, the dealer replaced them twice, and I replaced them last summer with non-Ford light bulbs. With another one out now, I’m getting frustrated. This is not our only...
  17. R

    Auto headlight and park light issue

    This has been going on for quite a while and I hope someone may have some insite. When it gets dark out and the auto headlights activate, the headlights come on and work properly but the parking lights and the interior dash/stereo lights turn off and on constantly. When the headlight switch...
  18. S

    [Solved] Explorer's Poor Headlights

    This thread was way to long to go through, but I didn't see a resolution. Explorer's Poor Headlights 2011-2014 Explorer Problem: It's like there are black discs covering the beams with the only light being in the ditch to the right just in front of the car, extending way up into the trees on...
  19. D


    Hello all. I find this forum most helpful but I cant find this problem. 1994 ford explorer. leaving for work this morning and I turn on the headlights and all I have are the park lamps, tail lamps, and brake lights all work. No headlights. I try the high beams, they dont work, but the high...
  20. E

    Aiming Headlights

    Can anyone tell me where are the vertical and horizontal adjustors on the LED lamps on a 2016 or 2017 Sport or Platinum?
  21. E

    Headlight Performance Review

    I just took delivery of my new 2017 Explorer Sport. I love the look of the headlights, very aggressive looking and the LED strip illumination is stunning. I live in a rural area and the low beam LED headlights output a lot of very white light, work great and do a great job on their own. Add...
  22. B

    One high beam lowers

    My low beams work fine. My high beams also come on. When I put my high beams on the right beam raises but the left beam lowers. If you adjust the beam hieght for the highs to match then the left low is way to high. First I thought the bulb had a filament issues and changed the bulbs. That did...
  23. P

    Two more questions.. (Truck refused to start and some more about Head/tail-lights)

    So, yesterday when I ran off to college, my car refused to start at first. I would turn the key, it would crank, but it wouldn't actually fire up. I tried a few times, then tried while holding down the gas pedal, and it started, but I don't know if it was because I was holding the pedal or...
  24. H

    Converting to auto headlights

    I have a 2007 Sport Trac and I want to convert to auto headlights. I replaced the headlight switch but still no auto headlights, but they do come on after I turn the windshield wipers on. Has anyone done this conversion or have any input? I do have a sun load sensor on the dash that blinks a red...
  25. S

    No headlights, only high beams?

    No clue what is causing this issue, Only the brights burn, no low beams. On occasion the low beams will stay on for a moment if you turn the brights off. Burning brights all the time isn't ideal. Currently my high beams are not that bright (could be the bulb or whatever is causing the low beams...