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    Has anyone tried the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit?

    Hello, I've been stalking these forums for quite a bit, but am just now posting my first question... Has anyone installed the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit on their FPIU? I have a 2015 and it is supposed to be plug and play, but I am curious how long it took anyone and how good the...
  2. D

    1996 JBL Audio

    I have a JBL "Premium" system in my 1996 Eddie Bauer, and i want to change the head unit out for something a bit newer, but I DONT want to bypass the stock amp. Is that even a possibility? If not I'm going to just leave it be, but if it is can you please tell me if there is a adapter plug, or a...
  3. J

    Headunit install question

    My sister has a 2005 Ford Explorer. The stock unit ate her CD so we got her a new one. I know very little about cars but am ok at wiring stuff so we tackled replacing it. Everything went great and it works. However, we have one wire that we can't figure out where to connect it to. Its a DVD head...
  4. K

    need help

    Two days ago I got my system put in. I have an aftermarket HU, 4 door speakers with 4 channel amp, 2 10s with a mono block, and a viper security system. When i was getting out of my car i hit the unlock button on my 2002 ford explorer sport trac and as soon as I did the loudest most highest...
  5. J

    1993 Explorer Head Unit Install

    I recently purchased a 1993 Explorer 4x4 4 door 4.0L V6. Only problem is it's got no head unit and I would like to install one except I don't know how and I am not paying someone $100 to do it for me. Somebody please help.
  6. Head Unit

    Head Unit

    Sony CDX-MP70 HU, sounds great!