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    Heater Hose

    Suddenly, from one day to the next, my 2006 Ford Explorer overheated. The mechanic says that I need a new heater hose which is like "one giant octopus". Cost for labor and part is $650. Does any of this seem normal?
  2. 2

    Max AC Heat Adjustment

    Does everyone else’s Max AC get warmer if they turn the ac dial to heat? My normal AC gets warmer as I turn up the heat, but I can have the heat all the way up during Max AC and it’ll still be really cold air. From what I understand Max AC only differs since it recirculates air from the cabin...
  3. D

    A/C and Heat Only Work on High Setting

    I am having some problems with my climate control in my 2002 explorer sport trac. On fan settings 1,2, and 3 there is no air coming from the vent. However, on the high setting, 4, they both work just fine. I read that this can be related to the blower motor resistor so checked that out. It was a...
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    04 Explorer NBX actuator, air door or drain?

    Hello all! Ive read a ton of posts and am now thoroughly confused, I’m hoping somebody can help me. I have recently inherited my mothers beloved 2004 Ford Explorer NBX...with an a/c issue. During the summer the only way to get interior cold is to be on Max AC at level four. It seems as...
  5. S

    Heating (fan) position Options?

    I am bit confused, in My 2002 Toyota Camry, if heat is positioned to feet & driver front; and I press heat for front windshield it works as expected, later if I press button for front windshield to switch it off, that also works fine. BUT after that position for heat (fan) switched to original...
  6. L

    Either EXTREME cold or EXTREME heat...

    Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I've been using this site since 2009, luckily my 97 Sport hasn't been problematic. This is an A/C issue...the cold-hot knob does nothing on my Explorer. If you move it to full heat and put the selector knob on Max AC it comes out the vents ice cold... however...
  7. M

    Defrost Control Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyways, the issue I'm having on my 2004 Explorer XLT 4.6 V8 is that when I turn my defrost control to either the floor, defrost/floor, or just defrost, NOTHING changes. I'm getting warm and cold air...
  8. B

    Rattling/Grinding Noise On Startup and During Acceleration

    Good Evening Everyone, So I own a 1994 Explorer XLT, and I just drove it from Seattle to Tempe, and it ran fine the entire time however it started making an interesting noise around the halfway point of the journey. The sound can be described as a rattling or a grinding, and it only happens for...
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    HVAC Issues

    I cannot seem to find reference to this issue anywhere else. For reference - I have an 08 XLT with Manual HVAC controls (no rear HVAC) Cold air blows out of a round hole(in the HVAC Case) in the drivers side floor boards area. This happens when the heat is on. First off - I replaced the...
  10. D

    New member

    Hey guys I just bought a 1999 eddie that has some issues and I'm looking for some help. My heat keeps going off when i accelerate and comes back on when i stop. There are electrical isssues but those seem like easy fixes. Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks
  11. M

    over heating

    Hey again everyone, I am having an issue with my baby over heating. After driving about 5 miles my temp gauge goes past red and when I pop the Hood I can hear it boiling. I am running straight water for now, blows out real hot air still.. What can be going on? No leaks either
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    *Please Read* Heat Promblem Still Not Fixed?

    Hey everyone, so today was a busy day. I changed the spark plugs and wires on the Explorer, it runs a lot better now. Finally! But the other problem I was trying to address was how come I have no heat. I took the dashboard apart and got access to the heater core. I let the truck warm up and it...
  13. S

    2002 explorer 4.6ltr thermostat question

    recently purchased and noticing that the temp gauge barely comes above the cold line. it blows some heat but don't know if this is normal for this? should it be closer to center?
  14. J

    No heat when stationary at idle

    So have 05 explorer 4.0L 4x4 also with rear ac/heat. Problem is no heat when not moving. The core gets HOT. While I was low on coolant, I topped it off and same issue. Lots of heat while driving, but come to a stop and starts to cool off . Seems like outside air is "pushing" through the...
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    1991 Explorer won't start when hot

    I have a 1991 Ford Explorer that will run fine until you turn the car off. If the car is at operating temperature and you let it sit for 20 minutes or so the car will not start. If you get there after about 15 minutes it will start, but you have to hold the accelerator to the floor because it...
  16. E

    Potential actuator problem...?

    Hi All, I was driving dow the interstate recently and heard a loud "snap" noise in the area of my radio (center of the car in the dash) and now the air only comes out the defrost vents no matter what the setting (I get some light trickle through the vents that blow on passengers). I am thinking...
  17. P

    Dual heat /Defrost question problem.

    I discovered yesterday something quirky about my dual heat system. Assume for sake of discussion drivers side is set to 85,and passenger side is set to 60. When in floor mode, Drivers output is 85 (warmer) Passenger is 60 (cooler). When in dash/vent mode. Same thing Drivers dash/vent...
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    Heat for defrost is not as hot as panel

    When heater is put into defrost airflow, then the heat is not as hot as in panel airflow. Is this normal? I don't have clicking noises in front, though rear AC does click and requires replacing both temperature blend and direction control motors. But this is about front module. From what I...
  19. P

    08 floor heat distribution cold feet (foot)

    What is with the floor heater air distribution in these vehicles ?!?! My 08 Ltd HVAC system works fine. Blend door actuator is good, it puts out adequate heat. My issue is the distribution of the floor air output. I am speaking mostly from the driver's perspective as I have not spent...
  20. F

    Manual Air Mode Selection Knob Not Functioning

    I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0L AWD. Just recently the manual air mode knob (the one that selects between A/C, Max A/C, Feet Only, Feet and Body, Defrost, Feet and Defrost, etc.) has been functioning off and on. I can hear a hiss coming from the vents and I can hear the flappers moving...
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    07 Explore with electronic climate Hot Drivers side Cold Pasenger Side

    2007 Explorer Hot air drivers side / Cold Air Passenger Side Eddie Bauer Electronic climate control When I turn on heat for both sides, air is hot on drivers side but cold on passenger side. Same issue presents regardless of whether defrost, vent or floor is selected. Now that its cold...
  22. K

    Engine.Swap kinks

    I just had a rebuilt 4.6 installed in my 02 Explorer. There's stress a few kinks that need to be worked out. I was wondering if someone can lead me in right direction. Since the swap, I've been getting the check engine light and check fuel cap. The code is for evap emissions. The...
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    Heat Problem... blend door or heater core or???

    I have a 1998 Ranger clone (Mazda B2500) 2.5L 4 cylinder. The truck currently has no heat. Here is what I have done so far........... Drained and flushed the radiator. Drained and back flushed entire system with Prestone back wash hook up kit. I did not use chemicals though. I broke the...
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    make the heater hotter?

    gents: winter storm draco just dropped by and and while the X went into beast-mode getting thru the snow and ice, the heater left much to be desired. it gets warm enough to defrost the windows and make it reasonably comfortable, but never hot enough that you would adjust the temp knob off the...
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    hot air?

    I may be crazy but I seem to be feeling hot air blowing on my feet while I'm driving but I font have any heat or air on at all. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem.