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heated seats

  1. M

    2017 Heated Seat Control Module Location?

    Hello all, I bought my Explorer a few months ago, it was just under 3 years old and off-lease. No issues at all, seemed brand new. After just 6 months of ownership, though, the heated seats don't work at all now -- both sides. I've done a lot of research and narrowed it down either to the...
  2. W

    Heated Seats Fan Stops No Heat, Cool Works

    I took my 2014 Ford Explorer Sport into the Ford Dealership this week and they cant figure the following issue out. The Heated Seats stopped working the other day (both driver and passenger), you can hear the Fan turn on and then it stops, the fan works 100% when you switch to cool the seats...
  3. ISTGradFromPSU

    Remote Start Heated Seats

    Thought i would throw this out there. There is a known issue with the 2016-2019 model year Explorers with integrated heated seats and remote start. I can only speak that it affects the limited trim and up with the heated and ventilated seats. I have my remote start climate settings set to "auto"...
  4. 2

    2003 Ford Explorer Heated/Memory Seats Problem

    2003 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 4.0L V6, Automatic *Background Information:* - So I purchased this car used many months ago, and heated seats (both sides) have never worked. The light on the buttons and the heat do not come on. - The seat also has a lower seat cushion tilt and (I believe)...
  5. J

    Explorer heated memory seats

    I have a gen 3 Ford Taurus and would like to know can I add the seat track and motor to my car. I want to add memory seats to my car and havig heated seats is a plus. I would like to know know can I add a 00 seat track motor and all the accesories to install memory seats in my car. Also if i...
  6. S

    Have 02 EB Explorer and need parts, will 04 XLT Explorer work?

    I have an 02 Explorer and found on CL a 04 that has a blown motor... Wondering if I purchase that 04 and grab parts from it to fix my truck (Rear bumper, inside trim, luggage rack swap (mine has paint pealing) and maybe window motors... If color matches I'll swap driver seat b/c mine has tears...
  7. J

    2nd-Row Heated Seats

    Does anyone with the 2nd row bucket seats on the limited, sport, or platinum have any idea where the button is to activate the second row heated seats? The dealer says they only come on the platinum, but per my 2017 explorer brochure: Base: No bucket seat option XLT: Rear - 2nd-Bucket Seats...
  8. expoman55

    heated 2nd row seats

    My previous Expedtion Limted had heated rear seats. My ladies ( wife & Daughter-- just to be clear :-) ) loved em. ( bout the only thing they liked on that truck) I have a sport with heated and cooled front seats and rear buckets.. Do any of the models have heated rear bucket seats?
  9. M

    Steering Wheel Mods from Stock?

    Hi all, currently the leather wrap on my wheel is broken and the wheel itself feels really bad in your hands (I'd try a cover but it seems to make the wheel too thick and hard to grip for me) I was wondering if there were any cheap options out there for a new wheel? I know carid has one for...
  10. E

    Gold Series Remote Start/Alarm???

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I need some help. I went to my dealer to have a remote start installed. I asked if it would automatically activate my Climate control, rear defroster and heated seats. I was told that it would so I told them to go ahead with the install. When my truck was ready, I...
  11. D

    05 XLS seat wiring?

    Hi All, I'm thinking about upgrading the interior of my 2005 Explorer XLS to leather from an 04 Mountaineer with power motion and heat. I've seen a couple of threads about doing this, and some confusing accounts of which wires an XLS will already have and not have. Attached is a picture of the...
  12. V

    Cloth Power Seat Swap to Leather Heated power seat help

    I have a 1995 Ford Exploder XLT. It has both passenger and driver power seats. I want to swap the cloth power seats I have for leather heated power seats from the junk yard. Are their any wires that i would have to splice or run for the heated option? Im not sure how to go about this, i looked...
  13. W

    DIY Heated seat kit.

    Winter is approaching fast and I know everyone's Explorer isn't equipped with factory heated seats. However, heated seats aren't very far out of your grasp. I don't have the time to do my own in-depth DIY write up on heated seat conversions, but the following video should suffice. (I ran...
  14. W

    DIY Heated seat kit.

    Winter is approaching fast and I know everyone's Explorer isn't equipped with factory heated seats. However, heated seats aren't very far out of your grasp. I don't have the time to do my own in-depth DIY write up on heated seat conversions, but the following video should suffice. (I ran across...
  15. F

    perforated seat heaters not as hot and conventional type?

    Has anyone with the perforated leather seats noticed that it takes longer for them to heat up and it seems as though they are not as hot as in other cars [non perforated leather seats]? I'm talking about the seats that are heated and cooled. Would replacing the filter help? I'm at like 22k miles.
  16. N

    2003 xlt seat swap need help!!!

    Good afternoon everyone, I am in the middle of doing an overhaul of my 2003 xlt and was fortunate to get some mercury mountaineer seats from the same generation as mine. The thing is when I went to connect them the wires are completely different. The current seats in my xlt are as follows...
  17. F

    2004 Mountaineer need to replace speaker

    I cannot find anything online or here on how to take off the door panel properly for a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer? It is different then any video I have seen there seems to be a screw at the door handle that I cannot get to. It seems to curve in and I just don't know for fear of pulling it out...
  18. K

    04 Explorer heated seat wont turn off

    I have a 2004 Explorer and have trouble with driver heated seat not turning off. I press the button on the side of the seat, the display indication button for the driver side goes off temporarily, then when I let go (allow the button to be un-pressed) the light (and the seat heater) comes...
  19. B

    Heated seats High setting only gets to 90F?

    You do realize that there are 3 settings? High, medium and low.
  20. S

    Heated seats both broken

    I have checked this out but havent found anything... 02 Limited... dont know what to do but they are both broken. can somebody help me out? thanks!:)
  21. J

    Heated Seats 02 Mountaineer

    :us:My wife left the sunroof open on her 02 mountaineer and it rained, so now the lights for the heated seats (both side) comes on, but the seats never get warm. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong with the seats?