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  1. D

    Seat swap

    I have cloth power seats in the front and regular in the second row. Can I replace them with heated leather if I find them in a wrecked explorer?
  2. S

    Heated seats both broken

    I have checked this out but havent found anything... 02 Limited... dont know what to do but they are both broken. can somebody help me out? thanks!:)
  3. Heated oxygen sensor.

    Heated oxygen sensor.

    Internal view of a heated O2 sensor.
  4. Heated oxygen sensor.

    Heated oxygen sensor.

    Internal diagram of an O2 sensor.
  5. C

    heatedseat problems

    On my passenger side seat, the heated seat will not turn off. The only time that the light on the console/dash will go off is if the button on the seat is pushed in, however as soon as the button is released the light will come back on and the heated seat will come back on. is the button faulty...