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heater blowing cold

  1. G

    Heater problems in alaska please help!

    Hello all, I’ve got a 2006 ford explorer Eddie Bauer with the V8, and dual climate control. I’m having problems with the passenger side heater blowing cold, sometimes when the car is started the heat is working just fine, but when you go to change anything like from defrost to vent, any button...
  2. C

    No heat from no vacum!

    Desperately seeking vacum and heating system diagram for my 2002 XLT as well as any advise or opinions on which is the best route/method for the faulty vacum line that is controlling my heater control valve. Any help is welcome!
  3. K

    1995 ford explorer heater blows cold

    Hey, I got a 1995 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. when I turn the heat on high, it only blows cold air. I replaced the blend door actuator, and the tubes to the heater core are hot all the way to the firewall. the heater control valve bypass seems to be working and the engine is full of...
  4. C

    Baffled by Heater Issue...2001 Explorer Sport

    Hello, I have been having a heater issue and have reviewed most of the threads Ive seen regarding this but still not having any luck so I thought Id post. I have a 2001 2 door sport 4wd that i bought last oct. heater and AC worked when I bought it. During a trip in December I noticed my heater...
  5. davidsauve

    No Heat - EATC system or Heater Core

    I have a 1997 Explorer EB V6 4.0 SOHC with the EATC. Everything works on the EATC panel except the defrost, panel or floor does not blow warm/hot air when the temp setpoint is high (75-90). The thermostat works (just changed to a new 195 degF), coolant is new, system was flushed with Prestone...
  6. L

    Heater blowing COLD air!

    Yikes! So yesterday was the first day that I was officially cold enough to turn on the heat in my 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer, V6, 4.0L, SOHC. I've checked my fluids and they are good. What should I be looking for? I've been told about some kind of "door" but nobody knows what it's called. I've...