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heater control valve

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    No Max AC, no Vacuum?

    Hello all. New user here. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT V6. Love the truck. It has about 140,000 miles. It is stock. I bought it about a year ago to do driver training with my kids. Anyway, the AC works great, but last week the MAX AC setting quit working. I search the internet to see about...
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    What is this part in heater hose?

    Can anyone tell me what this part is called? It's the one with the arrow pointing to it. It is made of plastic and it gave up tonight. Need to replace but I'm not sure what part to search for. Thanks, Imnee
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    Heater Control Valve - 2 port vs 4 port ?

    My '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV does not have A/C. I am thinking about maybe finding a donor truck, to add it. In the meantime, I was thinking of adding a heater control valve, which apparently was not installed as a stock item until '94. My thinking is that if I stop the flow of hot coolant into the...
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    Heat Problem... blend door or heater core or???

    I have a 1998 Ranger clone (Mazda B2500) 2.5L 4 cylinder. The truck currently has no heat. Here is what I have done so far........... Drained and flushed the radiator. Drained and back flushed entire system with Prestone back wash hook up kit. I did not use chemicals though. I broke the...
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    Heater control valve on a 1995 Aerostar with a 4.0L.

    The heater control valve on my 1995 Aerostar has broken. I can find replacement parts at rockauto.com or autozone but they are configured differently. Part number 74809 is supposed to be the one. Mine sits on the passenger side of the engine compartment right up next to the AC drier/canister...