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heating question

  1. D

    2008 Cooling Problems - New to the Forum

    2008 Eddie Bauer 4.L with a Heating Cooling problem Explorer has dual temperature controls for the cabin Heating and cooling works fine out of the drivers side of the cabin, but only blows cold air out of the passenger side. Replaced thermostat and did a flush and fill, but the reservoir for the...
  2. J

    Heated wing mirrors??

    Has anyone installed heaters into the wing mirrors like the Isuzu Bighorn (and some other vehicles, BMW, etc) have? One thing that irks me about the Explorers, much and all as I love them, is the non-heating of wing mirrors. We live in snow country and it gets really cold and really foggy...
  3. N

    2008 Ford Edge

    hi all, I'm new at this, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows why i would be able to get heat from the driver's side of a 2008 Ford Edge and only cool air from the passengers side. I have already had the Heater core replaced from the dealership. I have also had them work on this heater issue 3...
  4. M

    Overheating issues

    Ok guys I need some help... I have an 04 explorer V6 and its acting strange. I live in montana so it gets cold. Coolant was low and the heater wouldn't get hot right away and would only blow hot air while we were driving. I added some coolant and viola problem solved. Yesterday we get on...
  5. A

    Slow Coolant Leak & (Associated?) Heating Issue

    I've had a slow coolant leak on my 2001 Explorer Limited for over a year now. It was leaking from the thermostat housing but I managed to repair that. It now seems to be leaking from further in the engine compartment; I've not really managed to ascertain where from yet. Leak is pretty slow...
  6. I

    '03 XLT. Heat-A/C problem.

    Ive got a 2003 XLT which has given me no problems since buying it in 2008. Recently, I started experiencing a problem with the interior heat/ac controls. The heat/ac works perfectly on levels 1,2, and 4 but somehow the air flows does not increase when placed on the 3rd level. Any suggestions or...