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    Hey there if you're reading this I'm absolutely in dire straits. So for context I replaced my alternator not once not twice not three times not 4 times but 5 times and 1 of them is brand new oem I checked for voltage at the alternator it's read ok so is the battery no voltage drop at the...
  2. 9

    99 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Hello everyone, I’ve got a 99 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition with the 4.0 SOHC engine and 356k miles. I’ve got a weird issue I’ve been looking into, wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing. When it gets over about 100 degrees outside, when from a stop and you get on the throttle it...
  3. R

    Any suggestions/personal experiences with life expectancy?

    My 2004 XLT has 182,500 miles on it and im wondering if there is anything y'all would recommend to do/add to it to keep it in working order. The engine still runs and sounds great and it hasnt had any major issues or repairs. I want to keep it running good as long as possible. Also looking to...
  4. H

    Help with stalling

    Hey all, I am having problems with stalling out when putting it reverse and sometimes drive while the rpm’s are above 1k at idle. Mainly when it’s cold. When it’s slightly warmer up the rpm’s will drop and the engine will catch itself. Reverse does engage kinda harsh too. I replaced the...
  5. S

    2010 mountaineer premier engine rebuild

    I have a 2010 mercury, mountaineer premier edition. My son previously and the timing and chain went out. So basically the engines been sitting around for about past 12 months. So I guess now I realize that I might need to own the cylinders and if I do that what I’ll do I need to replace below...
  6. 0

    2008 Ford Explorer Unknown Noise

    Please Im asking for help from anyone who can let me know whats going on. Im on my 2nd explorer now and its making a weird metal tick/thump sound but there is no consistency with it. Maybe my pulleys? Please anyone, i have a video but dont know where to post. I will venmo/cashapp someone $10-$20...
  7. J

    2014 Explorer Sport head light upgrade?

    Hey guys, I have a 2014 Explorer sport and my headlights absolutely SUCK so I'm looking for something that would be brighter, OEM or aftermarket. Does anyone have experience with a certain aftermarket brand or even OEM that they've used and had success with? I feel like I'm driving in the...
  8. C

    1996 Ford Explorer Stutters/sputters and shuts off

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer Limited Edition. I have been noticing the engine stuttering and shutting off after shutting the vehicle off and letting it cool down for about 20/30mins. I start the engine up again and the battery gauge bounces around, the engine stutters, and it shuts off. I try to...
  9. A

    Need help diagnosing 2014 explorer (video)

    Hi all. I am new here. Around a month ago my moms 2014 ford explorer stopped starting up. It's cranks slowly and doesn't start as you can see in the video here: To make things more confusing, it is accompanied by a p0457 code which according to my research, means that there is a large EVAP...
  10. T

    Instrument cluster gauge dead

    1995 Cluster gauge went out one day. Removed instrument panel and took out each gauge. Burnt plastic smell coming from the gas and temperature gauge set. Slight discoloration on white plastic under temperature gauge housing only. Nothing severe. Everything else is fine. Circuit board/ film was...
  11. Z

    1994 Explorer randomly died on the highway 5 CEL codes

    it started briefly and was able to get it parked at a gas station. I’m having some issues with my 94 explorer, I was driving down the highway and the engine started to miss a bit. Kept driving and the engine completely lost power, was running on 2 cylinders at most. I pulled over and started...
  12. E

    1997 ford f150 4.6l EGR bolts to intake broke

    Hey guys, I have a 1997 f150 with a 4.6l v8, recently I took the throttle body and off to clean the EGR ports that were clogged from carbon buildup, unfortunately when I tried to take off the EGR both bolts holding it in place broke off, now I need to go to a machine shop to get the broken...
  13. G

    Help with rough idle and code P0356

    Hi there, my name is Seb. I am new to this forum so thank you in advance for your patience and expertise in this matter. I hope I am posting in the correct sub forum as well. * Background: I recently purchased a used 2012 ford Explorer XLT 4WD with 115000 miles on it from a private seller. It...
  14. R

    Looking for compatible engines for the stock tranny

    Looking to see if Anyone knows if there’s an engine that fits the stock tranny on a 2000 Ford explorer XLS. And if not the cheapest website to find a 4.0 v6 DOHC engine refurbished. Worried the cassette’s on my timing chain haven’t been changed since the Vehicle was purchased in 2000.
  15. S

    I need help or understanding

    My 2001 ford explorer spot and i cant find a lift kit no where plz help me been looking for 3 days i wanna do that pic right there
  16. R

    Brake shift interlock replacement

    I'm trying to replace my brake shift interlock on my car and this is what I was given at the parts shop, but the second pic is what is in my car. I feel like I'm trying to replace the wrong item? Or they gave me the wrong part? Or are these the same thing/different look?
  17. V

    2004 Ford Explorer

    Hello! My mother passed away and she owned a 2004 Ford Explorer (Eddie edition) the transmission has blown and I was wondering how do I know which transmission it’ll need? Can I use a transmission from let’s say a 2002 Ford Explorer? Sorry not sure how any of this works. Thank you!
  18. W

    96 Explorer rough idle

    Help! My sister has a ‘96 Explorer that originally wouldn’t start, when we did get it to start the idle was very rough. Changed the air filter, cleaned the throttle body, replaced the fuel filter. The idle got better, but now when accelerating if you’re giving the truck gas and immediately let...
  19. I

    Hands Free Liftgate

    So I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. Everything I’m reading says that I should have the kick activated rear hatch but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I’ve looked underneath the rear bumper and I don’t see anything? (Don’t quite know what I’m looking for anyways). I have...
  20. K

    Newbie.. Need Help with the OBD2 connection

    I purchased this 2004 Explorer V8 (limited) on Saturday, I went to go get it emission tested and the OBD2 was loose and the tech was not going to touch it. Come to find out it seems that the previous owners spliced one of the wires, as seen below. What is the best solution for this? Just buy a...
  21. J

    5.0 exhaust manifolds back

    So I have a 1999 Ford Explorer that I’ve been building for some time now I did a 5.0 swap in it out of a 2000 Explorer and I need an exhaust for it I don’t have the cats for it so I need something for manifolds back and I can’t seem too find anything for some reason also I want too put an...
  22. J

    Headliner removal on ‘96 XLT 4 door.

    Hey all, First post here so bear with me. I recently purchased a 96 Explorer with a sun roof but noticed it has a leak on the interior by the passenger side of the front windshield. I decided to drop the headliner to A.) replace the gross stained one, B.) seal the leak from the inside as well as...
  23. J

    95 xlt headliner replacement

    I was looking for some insight into what years have headliners that would work with my 95. I found one with a headliner in good condition at a local scrapyard but the cutouts aren't the same. I was wondering if it would still physically fit or not. Pictures below. I was also wondering if the RAP...
  24. J

    Multiple issues looking for help 95 xlt

    I'm looking for some help with a 95' ford explorer. Having a lot of issues with it right now and I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to resolve it. Any help would be appreciated I know some basics when it comes to vehicles but I do not have any in-depth knowledge. Trying to put as little...
  25. F

    HELP! Mysterious Coolant Leak From Transmission?

    Hello all! I’ve got a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l V8 (3rd generation I believe), and have a coolant leak that I cannot source. It seems to be dripping down from the top of my transmission (closest to engine), both while the car is running and while not running. I am loosing enough coolant to the...
  26. J

    5.0 swap explorer

    Hi this is my first post and I’m looking for answers I have a 99 Ford Explorer xlt with the sohc 4.0 and 4r55e trans 2wd this is currently a prerunner build I’m doing and I blew the motor in it so I’m looking too 5.0 swap it from what I know it’s bolt in mostly but I’m hoping someone could give...
  27. 9

    HELP! Rear differential spider gear's fell out

    Mid-job on my rear axle shaft replacement on my 91X and the spider gears fell out. I was using my impact to try to pull the new wheel studs through the newly installed axle and it looks like the S-spring shifted a bit and the spider gears slipped out. I have the spacers and know which one was on...
  28. C

    Rear hatch replacement??

    Hello! I was replacing my rear-hatch when I was about to plug everything in, one plug wouldn’t connect. I’m not sure what year exactly the new hatch is from, but it’s 2002-2005, and I have a 2003 limited. does anyone know how I would connect these?
  29. S

    First time Transmission flush questions for an m50d manual

    Hey guys I absolutely love my 96 manual explorer and have done a ton of work to it this year and would love to keep it. Since I bought the truck 6 years ago I've always had a hard time shifting into 1st especially when it's cold or hasn't been driven for a bit. Lately my other gears especially...
  30. W

    1st post 2011 Explorer Help/problems

    Sorry if this is posted incorrectly or in the wrong area, I will remove and/or repost in the correct please if I need to. So I have a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited with around 80k miles, I am not the original owner. I've had several problems and have some questions... I recently brought my car...
  31. C

    Courtesy Lights Don’t Work

    Hey! This is my first post but I’ve been lingering here for awhile. I’ve been to numerous sites and checked pretty much all threads on this forum and I haven’t found anything. I don’t know if this is important or not, but I do have an aftermarket fob. It’s a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. When I open...
  32. C

    how would one start modifying?

    I saw a post of a picture of a saleen style explorer and i love that look and want to sorta recreate that but in my own way and want my explorer to be a little faster, by little i mean i want a blower in it. i just dont know where to start what to buy first, i dont care about exterior look right...
  33. N

    2013 Limited Subwoofer Wiring

    Hello all! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have a question regarding some wiring with my LOC and amplifier I will be installing soon. I am installing an aftermarket 12 inch subwoofer and amplifier. I have the 2013 Limited model with the Sony sound system, and the subwoofer and...
  34. T

    At my wits end with this issue

    Hi all, I've been trying to use this ex as a learning experience for myself, as well as to eventually use as my daily driver. Obviously, for that to be the case, it needs to be running perfectly, and i shouldn't have to worry about it being a danger to myself or others. However, with this...
  35. E

    Hi, I need help with my sport trac. My Driver side rear brake light/ turn signal is not working.

    My 3rd brake light and passenger side brake light as well as my turn signal on the passenger side work. The reverse lights work. I have replaced both sides with new lights and there’s nothing wrong with the fuses as far as I can tell. Can anyone help me out with this?
  36. B

    Is our Explorer still safe to drive?

    Hello Explorer Forum. Me and my fiancé just moved from Florida to California this past week and during our drive cross country the rear CV axle snapped. The only dealership out in that part of the country couldn’t see us for 2 weeks so we ended up taking our Explorer to a local mechanic. Somehow...
  37. Terryhan05

    Looking for help in Hampton Roads with Forscan!

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for someone that can do some mod changes on my 2014 Explore or help me do them. I live in Portsmouth but can travel to any of the cities nearby. I look forward to hearing your someone.
  38. C

    Engine swap

    I have a 2010 explorer with a blown 4.0 motor. I have a 01 ranger with a good 4.0. Will the ranger motor work in explorer?
  39. E

    2016, 2017, 2018 Explorer Sport Trim- Why?

    Well, I've sold my previous vehicle and I am now a soon to be explorer owner. Finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a challenge so far. I'm hoping I can get some input from actual owners on here, maybe pointing out aspects I have overlooked. Dealerships tend to be extremely bias...
  40. S

    Help diagnose random misfire

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been on here, but you've helped me in the past so why not try again. My 96 4.0 was running great with almost 150k on it. I went to dinner one night and stopped by my buddies house on my way home. When I started it up, could almost immediately tell is was...