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help i'm new

  1. W

    Engine Question

    Okay, here's the deal. I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. It is the XLT 4.0 OHV it is 4WD 4 door. It is my daily driver with 189,700 miles on it. So far I have replaced the following : Recent Oil Change Trans fluid and filter replaced Rack and Pinion was fixed not replaced it had a leak The...
  2. L

    Lift kit for expo 1992 xlt 2wd

    Hi everyone , I am new here, right now I am planning to start rebuilding my 1992 explorer xlt 2WD , this my first post and I don't have that much experience in cars. I have seen a lot of videos about rebuilding and what should I do, it is not easy to find the best part for your expo but thank...
  3. P

    Yellow Rear Antilock and Red Brake lights on

    I just had the brakes done and now these lights are on. The dealership says it’s not their problem. I’ve seen the sensor suggestion, but that’s only when the Rear Antilock light is on. Any suggestions?
  4. D

    Hello From Richmond,Va

    Hello All, I recently pitched a 03 Ford Explorer NBX. I’m trying to fix it up as it maybe. I pitched it with about 240k miles and now I’m trying to do some flushing (radiator and Transmission??”Maybe”) Any feed back or helpful hint or trick would be great. I’m trying to do everything my self...
  5. J

    Ran my explorer through water

    Okay so I'm a dumb 21 year old who thought he could make it through a flooded road. Learned a lesson real quick. My vehicle starts and I changed my oil, oil filter, air filter, and coolent. But the engine sounds awful (obviously) there seem to be water leaking from my exhaust, and there is a...
  6. C

    New & Confused

    Hey Guys! my name is Courtney and I just purchased my first Ford, a 2002 Explorer XLS 276XXX. I was unfortunately scammed when I bought this vehicle and now we are trying to get the parts and price things to fix it and get it together by next week. So if anyone can help that would be awesome...
  7. R

    Need help. wanting to fix up my stock 06 ford explorer

    I have a 06 ford explorer XLT 4x4 and I would like some help fixing it up and making it an off road monster. I understand it is a v6 and I was wondering if it was possible to drop in a v8 I would like to lift it 3" and put 17s with 33s and light bars and things. I'm not really vehicle savvy so...
  8. P

    Fuel Pump Problems

    2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6L V8 So to start True Blue has sat parked for the last 2 years as I was ignoring her front end suspension horror show. This summer I decided I needed a new project and went to work on the suspension. Got it all fixed up and waited a little longer before taking it for...
  9. H

    2003 xlt multiple electrical problems - started near same time

    As the title says, these issues popped up within days of each other. Radio cuts off and gauges freeze when shifting into park, originally this happened randomly while driving. Bad ignition key warning sensor(annoying tone while exiting with keys in) makes it think key is always in ignition...
  10. N

    98' Explorer Non-stop anti theft Alarm help

    hey guys, For a few days now my 98' Explorer's car alarm has been going off, and not stopping when I click unlock, or start the engine. All the normal routines (even listed in the manual) do not stop the car alarm. It stays on when I am driving or parked, with engine turned on or off. The horn...
  11. A


    My 2001 Explorer is leaking really badly from behind the fan. Whenever I take a look at it from under it all runs down the subframe. I have no idea where it's coming from exactly. Someone told me it was the timing chain gasket or the cover? I checked from the hood of the car and I don't see...
  12. B

    Will she make it?

    hey guys, first post here. I will be making a 500 mile (one way) road trip and am not sure if my explorer will make it. it is a 97 with the 4.0 sohc with 235,000 miles on it. it is running fine but i am worried it just has to many miles for such a trip. any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  13. N

    2002 Ford Explorer A/C issues

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with the 4.6 V8. I am having issues with the A/C not blowing cold at all. I thought that maybe the coolant was low, so I went out and bought a can of coolant, and hooked it up. I follow the directions on the can and place A/C in Max A/C setting, and fan on high. I...
  14. P

    Anyone know a cheep explorer sport trac accessories website??

    Looking for a website thats not over priced but has a lot of parts for my 03 ford explorer sport trac. trying to customize it. so far CARiD is good. I appreciate the help.
  15. M

    Transmission swap (auto to manual)

    Hello everybody! I am new to forum and of course I already have a question! Recently swapped a ranger 5 speed into my auto 1999 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC. With that being said the ECM is the original. Now when I drive it the truck "bucks" (engine power/acceleration stops and comes right back...
  16. A

    suspension lift questions

    Ok so I'm waiting for the btf spacer lift and was wondering if there is any other lift I can combine with this? Body lift Is out of the question!! I know there's rancho quick lifts or longer coil springs but am not sure if they can be ran together?
  17. B

    Head Unit For 2000 Explorer Xlt

    Hello, I am looking at getting a new head unit for my 2000 Explorer xlt. The vehicle has every option offered for it's model. I want to put a touch screen dvd head unit in it. Does anyone have some suggestions? I also would like to put sub woofers in the truck in the near future. So any...
  18. K

    neutral safety switch for 1991 manual transmission

    I got a trouble code 67 o for my 1991 ford explorer, i want to fix it but i dont know where to start. My transmission is a 5 speed. And i have looked at it under but i cant tell which of the cables is the neutral safety switch. And ive also seen the spring casing thats attached to my clutch...
  19. S

    Need suggestions for off road tires

    Hello everyone, Fairly new here to the Forum and needing some suggestions on some off road tires. I was hoping to get a set of tires that would be 30" X 10". Any recommendations? My X isn't lifted at all and it would be going on the stock 16" rims that came with it as I don't want to buy new...
  20. M

    Can a TT go over 2"?

    Hello all, I'm relatively new to posting on the forums but am always poking around to see whats good for the ex. First of all I know that a torsion twist is the easiest way to raise the front but I was wondering how much could it go. I already have the driver side bolt all the way in and the...
  21. M

    1993 stalling again ????

    i spoke too soon read below for the story 93 explorer stalled again ... about a moth ago my 1993 ford explorer xlt .4.0 6 cyl suv started making a a popping sound under the hood .like a muffled backfire.i put in a bottle of lucas problem was gone .a week later same thing again with...
  22. 1


    hello, my explorer sport 01 looks as if the front of the car is higher than the back. any suggestions as to why this is happening and how to fix it?
  23. ZakyJ

    2002 Ford Sport

    hey everyone... I just got myself a 2002 Explorer Sport 4x4. I've been looking around the internet and been trying to figure out the first upgrades i should be thinking about. I know i want to put a new exhaust system on but i dont really know which would be best. I'm looking to improve my...
  24. 2

    RPM trouble.

    I just recently got a 2000 Explorer XLT from my parents. They never bothered taking care of it since they just bought a new Tahoe instead and don't feel that it's worth putting much more money into >:[. I've replaced the ball joints and got the fuel filter changed. Now I'm having a problem with...
  25. F

    hELP I'M NEW

    Hello my name is frank I usually vere away from ford but I really like the explorer!!I have 2 project explorers A 2000 and a 96. the 2000 has a siezed "any ideas how to go about getting it out" :)? and I have the 96 witch I just got a week ago from a friend wich was sitting for 2 yrs I did all...