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help me

  1. C

    1996 Ford Explorer Rear Axle

    Can I get some suggestions on what this spring type thing is? I recently noticed it hanging from the rear of my 96 Ford Explorer Limited and I have no Idea what it can be.
  2. C

    20 Explorer 2.3l P0304 misfire

    Need advice: I do have cylinder 4 misfire issue after I changed the spark plugs on my 2020 Ford Explorer limited 2WD 2.3L FI Turbo DOHC 4cyl . I tried to change the spark plug with the new one, and it didn't solve the problem. I tried to swap the coils, and the problem didn't solve it. I kept...
  3. T

    2006 XLT specs and Lift options.

    Hey guys! This is my first post here, I am the proud owner of my v6 2wd 2006 XLT and I think its about time to give it a little spunk. Does anyone have links to lifts that will work with my explorer? Also I am not sure what I can fit in the wheelbase as is right now, I was wondering if anyone...
  4. 9

    Confused on inside

    So question for everyone - I just pulled out the DRIVER SIDE quarter interior panel and there is some kind of box next to the rear washer fluid tank - I can't figure out how to post a picture of it but can anyone tell me what it is? My sound guy said it doesn't look like the factory amp Bc those...
  5. D

    Looking to mod my 2007 explorer sport trac. need some help

    Hello, My name is Damian and I recently got a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It is in great condition and everything runs great. I love the truck but I am looking to maybe get a 2" to 3" lift and put some trail wheels and tires on it. I have heard of a Torsion Twist and how it is a free lift...
  6. M

    Questions about Converting to 4.10s

    I have a 2001 explorer xlt 4 door 4wd with either 3.23 or 3.55 gears I forgot which one. I'm running 33" tires and want more low end. I bought a front carrier from a 2001 ranger with 4.10 gears but it needs the inner axle shaft. Will the one from my original front carrier work? Also, what year...
  7. B

    Transmission Issue

    Hi All- Im a new member to the forum and wanted to first say HI! I have a 1994 Explorer with 175,000 miles on it. About a week ago I was reversing my truck off of a steep incline. After, i was out I parked it and returned about an hour later. As I started to drive I noticed that 1st gear...
  8. P

    Need Help/Advice

    The who;le reason of joining this site was for me to learn more about my 1992 ford explorer xlt. it has 4x4 and im new to wheeling so im trying to figure out what type of suspension system people would suggest for the front and back axles. ill probibly rebuild the whole susp system but i dont...
  9. M

    Need some help replacing Plenum gasket

    I don't know how to search these forums as well as most of you, and I need some help. I took my 97 SOHC to a mechanic, and he said that I needed to replace the plenum gasket and my MAF sensor. I haven't been able to pass smog because of P0171 and P0174. I finally just took it in to have them...
  10. T

    need help fast

    ive got 31 inch mud tires on my 92 ford explorer i need to know what gears i need for my explorer if i change my tires to 33 or 32 and how do i fix my speedometer from it being off give me as much info as u can plz
  11. E

    help please

  12. W

    New exhaust and intake causing engine chugging ? HELP MEE

    I have a 07 eddie bauer 4.6l with 78,000 recently it seems to be chugging almost like a sputter when im in 4th or 5th gear 40-60 also if i step on the gas hard it slips out feel like the trans droped on the road. I recently put a K&N intake on it and also and flowmaster 50 series on i removed...
  13. W

    Help Engiune Chugging TRANs issue?

    I have a 07 eddie bauer 4.6l with 78,000 recently it seems to be chugging almost like a sputter when im in 4th or 5th gear 40-60 also if i step on the gas hard it slips out feel like the trans droped on the road. I recently put a K&N intake on it and also and flowmaster 50 series on i removed...
  14. J

    Oil leak...I think. Help!

    I think I have an oil leak. I checked the motor oil level and it seems fine. Looks like the oil is running down the spark plugs. Any advice? Please see the video on youtube. thanks jason
  15. E

    Wanted performance!!!!

    ok i know very little about the specs on my 1994 expo it has of coarse a 4.0 but how can i get maximum power for minimum cash without a engine swap because i was considering going with a gen 2 SOHC but heard about the timing issues and said ok ill go with a 5.0 out of a 96 explorer but it seems...
  16. T

    2003 Explorer - Window Regulator.

    A couple of months ago, the front passenger window in my 2003 Ford Explorer stopped working. I bought a new window regulator and motor from Pep Boys (a Dorman). After installing the new one, I tested it out in the driveway, and the window went up and down. Half an hour later when I got in my car...
  17. W

    4R55E transmission trouble.

    I have lost reverse and foredward high speed. I adjusted bands as per your post instructions. still, no foreward or reverse. The vehicle is a 96 ford explorer. need help.:exp:
  18. J

    over drvie problems ????HELP please

    ive got a 97 mercury mountaineer 5.0 awd automatic 3 speed with overdrive i think its a 4w70 or something like that transmission it started felling like a un balanced tire in the front of the truck today around 40 mph to about 45 it fells like a shutter when its in overdrive i can...
  19. S

    Think Tank - Help me figure out what's wrong.

    Hey Guys, My name is Dave and I have a 1997 Explorer 4.0L SOHC 4WD, It was a hand me down from my aunt who never used it and I recently found out she had good reason. I wanna fix it up and use it cause my Taurus is having transmission trouble... lol I would like a hand from every...
  20. M

    I need an explorer veteran's help

    So my father just gave me his 96 explorer xlt. I am trying to install a mtx 4250d amp and a pair of alpine type e 10 inch subs in it. The truck came fully loaded from the factory so it already has a 6 disk changer and a tape player I can use to play my iPod through (unless someone also knows how...