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  1. Y

    Rough Driving

    Hi everyone i have an Explorer 2010 with 150k miles on it the car drives fine most of the time but sometimes it does a weird thing when it starts kinda shaking for example last time i went on a road trip and the road was generally a slight uphill road but at some point there is a long uphill...
  2. F

    2014 Sport hesitation after battery change

    Hi everyone! On Monday the battery in my Expo Sport died and I replaced it. I did not plug it in to an alternative source while changing it - my bad. Since the battery change, I occasionally notice hesitation on acceleration, more so when it's cold. I've done the vent to atmosphere mod and when...
  3. B

    2011 low rpm hesitation while stopped

    While stopped in park, neutral and drive, sometimes the vehicle rpm drops and revs from idle to almost 0, like it's going to stall but then comes right back up. It's sporadic but when it happens you can see the rpm drop and you can feel it in the vehicle. No issues giving it gas and taking...
  4. R

    Jumping and lurching during acceleration.

    I have a 1999 eddie bauer v8. It accelerates fine through all gears but when its in the last two gears it kind of hesitates and lurches and accelerates unevenly. I replaced the DPFE sensor and that didnt seem to fix it so im wondering where to go next. Thanks.
  5. dustinjorge

    Banging my head (and my wallet's getting thinner!)

    This is my book entitled: "I'm about to drive my rig off of a cliff" There's a very good chance I'm going to miss something in this explanation because I have been working on troubleshooting this issue for months now. It seems that every time one thing is fixed, another thing comes up... but...