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  1. D

    2013 Ford Explorer Sport “Recommended” upgrades

    Hi Fellow Explorers, So we just picked up a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and being new to the modern explorers, I was hoping I could get some gouge on recommended upgrades to this beast of an SUV. For those unfamiliar with the term “gouge”, it’s widely used in the military as word for “essential...
  2. T

    For Sale Custom 5th Gen Headlights

    See pictures at https://imgur.com/a/OcGF and https://imgur.com/a/lQZPN My lease is up, Explorer is returned, and my custom retrofit headlights are up for sale! Fit 2011-2015 Explorers without HIDs. Head light off by terrywood02 posted July 22, 2016 at 9:22 AM Headlight on and fogs by...
  3. B

    Offroad lights install in grille

    Just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how they mounted their off road lights behind the grille. I have been thinking about it, but I can't really figure anything out.
  4. R

    New member - No auto lights with TRS harness?

    Hi guys, 2012 Explorer XLT, I just joined and did a lot of reading prior to ordering a Morimoto 9005 kit with the wiring harness like many of you have suggested. I opted for the XB35 4300 kit as I was concerned about too much heat in the projectors and wrecking the reflectors, as I have read...
  5. S

    Hid halo fogs

    Any one know where I can find a hid halo fogs for a 99 explorer?
  6. V

    Well I need some help with my HID fogs.

    I have a 95 explorer with a 2000 explorer sport front bumper, this required my fogs become H1 bulbs. Now i want HID fogs. So i did some research and found that 9006 type hid bulbs will perfectly fit in the fog light housing without modification (this is true.) Now i went to the local junkyard...
  7. J

    Does Ford use different projectors for Explorer Halogen & HID? ...ANSWERED!

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen / heard this question asked: If you purchase the optional upgrade to HID headlamps on the 5th Gen Limited, does Ford change just the hardware needed to make the switch? Ie. ballasts, wiring, bulbs? OR does Ford install a new HID-Specific projector also...
  8. C

    Canbus or regular harness for HID?

    TRS recommends a canbus, but I believe some of you used a regular harness on your 2014 model. To confirm, those of you using a harness have no issues?
  9. B

    Sylvania zXe vs. PIAA Xtreme White vs. Phillips Diamond Vision

    Anybody care to compare these bulbs? Sylvania zXe vs. PIAA Xtreme White vs. Phillips Diamond Vision? I am seeking the whitest and brightest replacement bulb. (I do not want to go the HID route) Planning on changing out both the Headlamps and Fog lamps on my 2014 Sport. (taking delivery...
  10. D

    eBay HIDs

    Sup guys. I know everyone frowns on using HIDs in reflector housings (Anime), but I decided I want to see what it really looks like and how bad the glare is. Does anyone know of a good cheap set of HIDs from eBay.ca, Canadian eBay please, that I can run. I'm looking for the dual bulb...
  11. M

    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    Hi All. I finally installed my HID kit today and thought I'd post some step by step pics. I installed these on my 2014 Explorer Sport. I purchased the Coolbulbs kit with the newer electronic ballasts and 6000k color temperature. Part# G1K-9005. I picked these because after all my forum...
  12. V

    99 Fogs to Hid question

    I have a 1995 explorer, with a bumper swap to a 99. Now this 99 bumper takes H1 bulbs which i'm completely new too. I have done my research but im not sure if this is accurate because i have mixed answers. This is my first car/explorer so im doing as much research as i can before i do any mod...
  13. J

    need help with lighting !!!

    so i recently upgraded my interior lights to blue LED as apposed to the ****ty stock yellow ones, also did H.I.D fog lights,blue LED under my side mirrors and third break lights.... I'm now looking to do the reverse tail lights in blue LED, but I'm unable to find them on any site i order the so...
  14. R

    TRS - The Retrofit Source - HID Projector Group on GM forum

    Hopefully not breaking any rules with this post. There is a group buy being setup at GMfullsize.com <cough, cough> for 25% off everything - and possibly free shipping as well for the RetroFitSource full retrofit projector kits or individual pieces such as ballasts/bulbs etc.. Here is the...
  15. L

    Few questions about headlights and front suspension.

    Hey, I have searched the forum for answers to my question but I have found nothing useful. I may not have used the right keywords so forgive me if this is a repetitive thread. If I have overlooked something could you simply point me in the right direction. Thank you. Headlight: Ok, heres the...
  16. J

    2002 Explorer 4.6L Project(s)

    I've seen a thread on here that has green LED Halo's within the headlights. I've already searched it up, even went on eBay for pricing. The problem is: Just for the Halo LED's (pack of 4 halos) is $199.99. I know the Explorer headlight ring is huge and and the Halo’s would make it look...
  17. D

    installed bi-xeon hit and now have no fog lights

    So I installed a plilips 9007 bi xeon kit in my 01 sport. The low works, but I can't change to high and my fog lights no longer work. This kit is a plug and play so I'm not sure where to start. If any one has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Z

    HIDs for 2005 EX

    I'm looking to install some HIDs for my driving and fog lights on my 2005 Explorer XLT. The brighter the better. Anyone have any suggestions on a brand I can order online and do myself? Post pictures of yours if you have them so I can get a good idea of how they will look. Thanks
  19. D

    Help with Retrofit Source light kit for 2011 Explorer

    Live in the Atlanta area and picked up a Retrofit Source light kit just before Christmas. The guys there seemed very cool and they had lots of interesting lighting projects in the works. Anyway, finally had the time to install the kit today and thought I'd followed the directions to a T; they...
  20. R

    Best Aftermarket Fog/Driving Lights?

    Hey guys, so after searching for a bumper valance swap for my '03 XLS to do OEM style fogs (no success thus far) I have decided to go with aftermarket. I am looking for suggestions on what brand/type is the best. I dont want to go with walmart el cheapos, but dont want to spend a fortune...
  21. S

    Finally Blacked Out An 07 Mountaineer Grille & Other Exterior Pieces

    I brought my 07 Mountaineer AWD Premier in July of last year and have always hated that ugly "brushed aluminum" grille and other various exterior accents. I have yet to find an aftermarket grille for this mountaineer which really irritated me. So thanks to BuckFlash and his step by step...
  22. S

    Green HIDs

    so i saw some green HIDs online and thought how freaking awesome! so i was wondering if anyone has legal ones are they nice? i found some on ebay that are legal and they look nice but i want some feedback please!!! thanks :)
  23. F

    '98 Mountaineer HID issue

    Hi All, I ordered an HID kit for my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer off of eBay (which may not have been the smartest thing in the world), I received the kit today and spent two hours installing it only to find that it was stuck in high beam mode and that the high beam light was constantly on, so I...
  24. Divemaster191307

    HID Projector Retrofit - Phase II

    I think I finally have a shroud that I can use for the retrofit (for background info, see HID Projector Retrofit - Phase i). Final product: It started with this form on a vacuum table: The odd looking assembly on the left is intended to provide clearance for the Up/Down...
  25. V

    Success with projector installation in 2nd gen.

    It took a couple of thwarted attempts to get this done. So much more to installing than just plug and play. Two hours of test fitting and attacking header panel with a pneumatic die-grinder. My challenge was to leave enough header panel intact to allow possibility of swapping stock lights...