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  1. Damage82

    Are HALO Headlamps a kit or just the housing?

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. I have HID lights installed and am thinking about adding HALO lights. Do the lights come in a kit aside from the HID or is it just the housing?
  2. J

    HID relay wire harness question

    I want to add HIDs to my X, but if I do will i still be able to use the OEM features like put the lights on auto so they will turn off wen i leave my X and not ###### the batery is there a top brand or type wen it comes to HIDs
  3. S

    Brightest Non HID Headlights

    Hi there just wondering whats brightest non hid headlight out there. Is there anything comparable to HID. Just because I have hid now in headlights and fogs but im sick of getting bulb out messages and people flashing me all the time.
  4. S

    2003 HID Conversion Help!!!

    ok so i have a 2003 Explorer. I bought an HID kit and put it all in but when i turn them on they aren't getting any power for some reason. when i put the old headlights back in they turn on no problems. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone may have any advice as to...
  5. B

    Projector Lens Kit w/ halos installation problem.

    Hey guys I am new to this forum,but anyways i bought this projector lens kit and have a problem. I know another person has this kit on this forum but I can't get in touch w/ them...
  6. B

    H.I.D. Head/Fog lights

    Hi, i'm havin some trouble finding either some HID foglights(housing, lense and everything) or HID kit just for foglights are these available?, i have found some foglight HID's, but they are round lense with a blue halo on them... would I have to buy two kits, one for my headlights, and one for...
  7. O

    3 hour h.i.d install ????

    ok so i recently purchased an xentec h.i.d kit for my 99 sport and went to have it hooked up today and the guy at the shop said he has to remove the battery and other parts to hook it up and will take about 3 hours and cost 210$.. is it just me or does this not sound right
  8. S

    08 Explorer Projector Fog Lights

    Hi there just wondering what you guys think of these projector fogs lights for an 08 explorer and would they work with my hid kit and is it hard to change the fog light assembly thanks...
  9. S

    Getting HID's in my 2008 Explorer

    Well i finally decided to get hids for my 08 explorer eddie bauer. I have decided to get bi-xenon 6000k for headlights and 6000k for my foglights. I was quoted $558.00 plus tax for everything installed is that i good price. I'm getting them done at n-motion auto in Vancouver bc. let me know what...
  10. S

    Anyone recommend a certain type of HIDs?

    i have Hyper White head lights which look nice but they obviously arent HIDs i was wondering if anyone could recommend a certain brand or place to get them for under $100
  11. M

    New '06 Explorer: What About HID Retrofit?

    As many of you many know, I recently upgraded the headlamps on my '98 X to HID kits (Retro-solutions) and they have transformed my older X into a great night-driving machine. Last weekend, my wife bought and took delivery on a '06 Explorer XLT. Well wouldn't you know it, the headlamp system...
  12. W

    Cold But Still Elite

    So, I found this today(9/5/08) and saw how cluttered it was and how upset it made me. So I took it upon my self to fix it up and kinda make it like a time line. I hope I get dates too :) So here we go please tell me what you think...
  13. S

    post pics of your HID's

    post pics of you HID's in action whether their in stock housing or diamond or projector housing. also tell what brand, what K too. hope to see lots of pics :salute:
  14. '92 Explorer Front

    '92 Explorer Front

    Picture of my '92 X with clear lenses and mesh grill.