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  1. 2

    Slamming hood to close it.

    So I’ve had my Explorer for over 10 years now and have always had to slam the hood to close it. Unlike other cars where you lower it and push down. My hood just bounces back up unless I slam it. Is this how it is for everyone else?
  2. vroomzoomboom

    fiberglass cowl hood group buy 2nd gen.

    so i am going to see if there is any interest in a group buy for a cowl hood group buy for the 95-01 four door exploreres, and the 95-00 2 door sport. i had someone on a group post a link to a company that he bought his hood from. i had member ahodges call for me because the numbers on his page...
  3. T

    Help me I'm new lol

    Ok so I just started on here and tryin to figure out how all this works is driving me crazy already. I have a 97 Explorer 2 door 4wd it's all stock right now except my system going to upgrade that later on, I have alot I want to do to it and I'll take any and all ideas. Right now I'm wanting to...
  4. V

    2002 Explorer XLT Hood Replacemen

    Hello, Kind of a long shot, but is it possible to put an 02 Explorer super trac hood on an 02 Explorer XLT? Trying to find a hood replacement and this is all I can find so far (the super trac). Guess I need to be more patient. Any replies are appreciated. Regards,
  5. J

    Hood Prop - Tired Of Struts Failing

    '98 Explorer. My hood struts are failing again. I've already replaced them at least 3 times. Fortunately the first time I bought them from Autozone they had a lifetime warranty, which they no longer have, but I made a scan of the receipt before the ink disappeared so I can get them free -...
  6. H

    explorer 2013 limited, remote start is not working

    Hi Remote start function is exist in my key, and the remote start is enabled in the car setting, but when i try to start it remotely it doesnt work?!! i press lock twice then start, i checked my car i found the the hood ajar indicator is removed because it had accedent before my friend says...
  7. M

    Hood trying to initiate liftoff..

    Trucks fallin’ apart… I’m fallin’ apart right along with it lol… it has been my biggest investment in my short life of 20 years so far and it’s also been quite a disappointing one so far.. problem after problem, breakage after breakage… I just limp it along everywhere I go and deal with it...
  8. aaron81006

    2nd gen to 1st gen hood hinge swap

    I've search the site and don't find any info. Has anyone swapped the 2nd gen hood hinge with the hydraulic lifts into a first gen? I really want to get rid of the dumb hood hold open rod. The hinges are pretty close to the same but the new ones have four bolts instead of the two. I would...
  9. A

    HELP PLEASE how to access my 03 explorer?

    Hi all, First of all, I want to apologize for my grammar, english is not my first language, that said, let me expose my problem: i just got a 03 stock explorer that has been always in the family (my dad got it back then, then pass it to my brother, then I just got it a month ago), all...
  10. M

    Hood Lettering

    Okay, so I want to get some letters made to put on the hood like the 2011 ford explorers @ the 2010 sema show. I know that "Futura is the Land Rover font and Eurostile is the Range Rover lettering font" b/c FLOFFROAD posted this in a past post on this topic. Now, I was looking at...
  11. L

    Body parts interchange question.

    I have 2000 X Limited. Was in a small Fender/Grill/Hood altercation this weekend. Found this site and joined (great site by the way). Here's my question-what year(s)/models will fit a 2000 X Limited if one was going to the recycle yard to look for replacement Hood/Grill/and left front Fender...
  12. Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

    Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

  13. E

    Ticking Noise While Engine Is OFF

    My check engine light has been on for a couple of months, and today I finally decided to check if anything obviously wrong was going on under the hood. With the engine off and the key out of the ignition I hear a steady ticking noise, that tocks too, similar to a clocks second-timing. It...
  14. R

    Hood latch/lock assembly

    After a big search online I cant find this at all for a 98 explorer. all the websites have them 95 - 97, skip 98-01 and then has them for 02 and up. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  15. A

    Broken Hood Release Cable

    My hood release cable had been sticking/ not really working. It was a real big pain in the ass to get the hood cracked open. Well over the weekend it finally snapped. I can't get a good grip with channel locks to pull it fromt he inside. How can I get the hood open fromt he outside...
  16. All Cleaned UP!

    All Cleaned UP!

    I paid my buddy to detail the outside of my X. Yeah, I'm that lazy. Looks BEAUTIFUL!
  17. All Cleaned UP!

    All Cleaned UP!

    I paid my buddy to detail the outside of my X. Yeah, I'm that lazy. Looks BEAUTIFUL!
  18. All Cleaned UP!

    All Cleaned UP!

    I paid my buddy to detail the outside of my X. Yeah, I'm that lazy. Looks BEAUTIFUL!
  19. Hood Scoop

    Hood Scoop

    This is a 1983-85 Mustang GT hood scoop that I added to my Mountaineer. I thought the lines would compliment the character lines in the hood, and they do.
  20. Sittin on Crome 2

    Sittin on Crome 2

    This is an updated photo, now with my Westin Step Bars, Autovent Shade wind visors......
  21. Sittin on Crome

    Sittin on Crome

    Sittin on 20" Crome... KMC Stealth's, Goodyear Eagle GT-II's