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hot air conditioning

  1. W

    Ac clogged?

    Hi guys! I’ve got a Sport trac ‘05. I got the AC filled up and tested by the machine, all good. But when I turned the AC on, I got hot air (warm Arubian air 😅) instead of a nice cold breeze. The AC filler station-machine was measuring 0 degrees celcius. The AC lines almost frost up, until the...
  2. J

    Climate control, vents blow hot air

    I recently purchased a 1996 Explorer Limited, V8, AWD with just 75,000 on it. The problem (well, one of them) I'm having is that when you either run just the vent, or when the temp setting is met with the A/C on, the vent blows hot air. Could it be just the door actuator, or should I be looking...
  3. B

    AC blows hot - compressor works - low pressure side VERY high

    1st post My wife's A.C. suddenly started blowing hot. She said the belt made a screeching sound and she turned it off, waited a bit and to turn back on and it made the sound again. She shut off the motor and waited awhile and then turned it on and no sound from the belt but there was a burning...
  4. W

    Explorer 2008 rear ac problem

    New member here having an inquiry.:help: 2008 explorer eddie bauer edition, rear ac does not turn cold. The front ac is doin just fine from temp and vent selection. However the rear seems to be stucked on warm or ambient air. Rear fan speed control seems to work fine but the temp doesnt change...
  5. W

    AC and blowers working but won't blow hot air?

    I have a 96 Explorer EB edition and the AC works fine and blows cold air but when I turn up the heat the temperature doesn't rise? There's still air blowing through just doesn't get hotter. I need the heater to work as I'm heading up to Canada for the Winter and won't last long without heat in...
  6. T

    Help??? How do you jump a/c clutch

    HELP I LOST MY AC AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO JUMP THE CLUTCH TO RECHARGE IT? From what I was reading you have to jump the clutch to get it going to recharge it? Not sure if this is correct, but I do need help
  7. N

    How many problems do I have?

    Ok, I need some one's experience before I tear into this. I am a pretty common sense mechanical minded dude. Here is the list of what I know. by the way have only had the Eddie Bauer for just over a week.:exp: First all fuses are good. The relay for the air conditioning under the hood is...
  8. S

    Everything replaced but still hot air

    hi everyone, so i bought a 1996 explorer from my cousin and its in the best condition for its mileage :D.. the problem im having is the ac is hot.. before i got it, the condenser, compressor and another ac component were replaced.. but it still blows hot air.. it will blow cold air if its...