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hot air

  1. J

    Climate control, vents blow hot air

    I recently purchased a 1996 Explorer Limited, V8, AWD with just 75,000 on it. The problem (well, one of them) I'm having is that when you either run just the vent, or when the temp setting is met with the A/C on, the vent blows hot air. Could it be just the door actuator, or should I be looking...
  2. W

    AC and blowers working but won't blow hot air?

    I have a 96 Explorer EB edition and the AC works fine and blows cold air but when I turn up the heat the temperature doesn't rise? There's still air blowing through just doesn't get hotter. I need the heater to work as I'm heading up to Canada for the Winter and won't last long without heat in...
  3. T

    Help??? How do you jump a/c clutch

    HELP I LOST MY AC AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO JUMP THE CLUTCH TO RECHARGE IT? From what I was reading you have to jump the clutch to get it going to recharge it? Not sure if this is correct, but I do need help
  4. R

    Hot Wires behind Driver side door pillar

    Hello Everyone... This is a bit strange. Diving home last night, the pillar next to the drivers seat was getting pretty warm. I could feel hot air coming from the seatbelt are where you can make the shoulder strap go up and down. Has this happened to anyone? 2003 XLT with a 4.0. What is...
  5. M

    AC blows hot. Rookie posting here. Pressure said 110 on recharge can.

    So my ac started blowing hot air. After a day of this, it just started blowing cold AC again without any work. That lasted about a week. Now, it's been hot air for 2 weeks. So I got a recharge 134a kit, and followed instructions. The pressure gauge went to just over 100, in the red...
  6. V

    Hot air always!!! Hot air coming through vents

    I drive a 98 AWD Explorer. I bought it in 2005, at which time the air temperature control was not working. So essentially, I could either get hot air with the heater or vents on, and cold air with the AC. But I could turn the system off and close the vents as well. A while ago, the AC...