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  1. A

    Solved '02 - '10 V6 Thermostat housing, now available in aluminum!

    Hi, Not seeing any traffic on the original posting I'd made, I'm cross posting to this tech section for better exposure to help others who've suffered from plastic cooling system parts. Here is my recent discovery on the leaking/exploding plastic thermostat housing onst, but the V6 Explorers...
  2. F

    Dorman thermostat housing o ring leak fix. Help!!!

    So I replaced my thermostat housing unit today with the dorman aftermarket kit and the o ring in the extra port is leaking badly. I've seen this is a common problem through research but nobody lists the fix. I have tried both o rings that came with the kit to no avail. It is only leaking from...
  3. D

    eBay HIDs

    Sup guys. I know everyone frowns on using HIDs in reflector housings (Anime), but I decided I want to see what it really looks like and how bad the glare is. Does anyone know of a good cheap set of HIDs from eBay.ca, Canadian eBay please, that I can run. I'm looking for the dual bulb...
  4. A

    Diagnostics Help – Oil Gunk in Throttle Body (with pics)

    While working on the Ex (2000 Limited 4.0 OHC) to replace the lower thermostat housing, when I removed the Air Duct from the Throttle Body (TB) I noticed a good amount of oil gunk in the TB. When I removed the hoses from the air duct I noticed a little bit of oil on the hose that connects to the...
  5. CamDJClimited

    Wanted Explorer Black License Plate Bulb "Housings"

    I'm looking for these, but in black. They are the bulb "housings" on the back of a 95, 96, or 97 Explorer that light up the plate. If anyone has anything, that'd be great!!
  6. D

    Busted front diff housing. What fits?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and SUV ownership. With first child on the way, I decided to buy a sport utility, and what better than a Ford? I purchased an '04 Mercury Mountaineer from an auction claiming the vehicle had a "slight grinding at the front left wheel, and ABS light on"...