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  1. T

    94 Limited w/ABS can't R&R master cylinder???

    I have a 94 explorer limited 4WD, stock, no mods, never really had an issue until now. Need to replace master cylinder, there are lines going to ABS servo/motor. Any way possible to install my new master cylinder without causing further headache. I used to be a mechanic before all the new...
  2. gmanpaint

    How to: Prevent a Fire Hazard!

    Fall time=fire hazard time. After a fire happened in the 94, I had to figure out where it started. After a serious freaking out and pulling off the road to a safe spot, I looked everywhere possible, there was no clue to where the fire was. The cabin filled with smoke and had an aroma of a wood...
  3. X

    How to remove back hatch interior panel (pictures)

    If you have been following some of my threads, I have been replacing and cleaning my interior of my newly purchased 99' XLT. Here is my carpet replacement thread: I then found and replaced the floor mats...