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  1. J

    Hub ABS Ring Teeth Greasy

    I recently had my ABS sensor go out on my '98 4WD, front left wheel. No ABS light but it exhibited the typical activation of ABS when slowing down to a stop around 5 MPH. I put a new ABS sensor in and haven't had the ABS activate since, but while doing that I noticed something. Looking down...
  2. J

    Lug stud popped off/Fixed but now a new knocking sound (like cv joint)

    Hey guys I yanked & rebuilt my first v6 4.0l solely using this amazing forum n my Haynes book in sept.. Now I'm back because I don't know squat outside the engine and I'm unsure if my troubleshooting skills are sending me Barking up the wrong tree. Soo... I was turning right into a drive...
  3. V

    2000 Explorer North Face rear hub!!!!

    Hi there, Almost lost a tyre on the A12 (tyre was changed by OH for MOT, don't go there). We thought I just needed a new rear hub assembly as have 11 spare tyres (inherited the car after my brother died) but can't seem to find one anywhere thought we had one from a breakers but now they say...
  4. P

    Bad Bearing/ Hub Situation, Need advice- Will Disconnecting Driveshaft help for now?

    My first post here but I have been reading this forum for years and am very happy and grateful to see the Ford Explorer community is in fact so large and resourceful. I am in a bad situation and could use some advice from anyone who might have experienced what I am. My front hubs/CV joints...
  5. S

    Front Diff humming

    so I have a 1992 explorer XLT that was sitting at 100k miles for 6 months before i bought it and since then ive put on maybe 2k more. anyways the front the diff is humming really bad at about 10km/h up. the 4x4 didnt work when i bought it (transfercase motor) after i replaced it, put it into 4hi...
  6. 2

    Time to change hubs?

    Hey everyone. I'm going to swap out my rotors and calipers this weekend since they're the originals and worn out. I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on changing the hubs while I'm in there. I had the bearings changed in them a couple of months ago but I think it might be time to just...
  7. V

    car shaking when i turn right and left. more so turning right

    When I turn my steering wheel while driving, my car shakes (can really feel it at lower speeds). I gave it the old, jack it up and check the hub test, and nothing. Every mechanic I know said hub. Replaced it and problem definitely still there. Seems to get worse as time goes on. Any ideas as...
  8. T

    Non Hub Centric Wheels and Broken Studs.

    Earlier today I was switching out to my old tires and wheel because my alignment is off a tiny bit from replacing ball joints and I wont be able to get an alignment for another week, and I had a bit of trouble taking one lug nut off, but I was able to get it off. Then when I went to put it back...
  9. S

    02 XLT Bearing noise?

    I have an 02 Explorer XLT with around 85k miles. Just recently I started to notice what I thought was a bad front wheel bearing. Annoying hummimg noise while driving and it goes away when you turn the wheel right. I thought it was coming from the front, but after changing both front hubs...
  10. Front End Rebuild

    Front End Rebuild

  11. C

    WANTED: (2) 1st Gen locking hubs - broken & CHEAP

    What the title says: I need (2) 1st Gen locking hubs. I don't care if they are auto or manual. What I need is DIRT CHEAP!. I don't care if they are broken. I intend to gut them, and cut the snout off. I only want them as temporary wheel spacer, to maintain the proper wheel/rotor...
  12. M

    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Issues

    Hello, this is my first post but I've been getting tips from this forum for many years. So first off, let me just say thanks for all the knowledge! Now to my questions. I've been using Tyler92's excellent thread ""How to" '02 explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)" to replace my...
  13. R

    melted gaskets/washers on ABS sensor?

    Hi all, Here's a unique issue on my '97 5.0, at least as far as I could find.... Been having problems with air in my brakes which I finally fixed by replacing the master cylinder. Unfortunately, while getting to the bottom of that issue, I had several incidents of having to slam my brakes...
  14. W

    What is this Part? Pics...Help!

    Hello all! I've always gotten good help here so here we go :D My vehicle shakes bad when going around right curves and turns. Thought it might be hub bearings, pulled wheel off today and they are fine! I looked around and found this gasket i think its called, completely torn and off of where its...
  15. I

    1992 Explorer XLT WARN Manual Hubs

    Hello all, Experienced DIY mechanic with zero experience with 4x4 hubs of any type. Here's the scoop: truck is bone stock aside from WARN manual hubs on the front. With hubs unlocked and xfer case in 2WD, no noise from the front end. With hubs locked and xfer case in 4WD, there is a loud...
  16. S

    ABS goes on while normally braking

    i have a problem with the brakes on my 96 explorer .. the abs goes on when i go to brake on normal dry road as if i was on a ice or snowed road... i am not sure if its the brakes or the hub or something else.. does anyone know what i could do to fix this? thanks -steve
  17. C

    Please HELP! '93 Ranger front wheel bearing/Auto Hub question.

    Ok guys, I could really use some advice here. I consider myself a pretty good mechanic, including diagnostics, and I feel a little stupid asking this stuff. However, I'm just not real familiar w/ the front drive train setup on these things, as I've never dug into one before. I've got a '93...
  18. Driver's side rear brake hub.

    Driver's side rear brake hub.

  19. The hub without the grease cap.

    The hub without the grease cap.

  20. kyleq805

    locking hub help

    well i am a tard today. i took apart my manual locking hub on my 92 explorer. i am wondering if anyone knows of a link that has any pictures on how it all goes back together
  21. Manual Hub

    Manual Hub

    Manual Hub