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    2003 Explorer Limited AWD No traction in slush/ice

    Hi, I have a 2003 Explorer Limited 4.6 V8 AWD (149,000 mi). The truck drives on snow just fine, but if I hit ice or slush, the truck instantly loses traction and I hear a loud grinding sound if I try to accelerate. Tires are in decent shape and transmission does not appear to have any...
  2. C

    Tires for a 2006 ford explorer limited

    My current vehicle has 235/65r18 tires on it. Is it possible to put on a 265/60r18? Or 255/70r18? I'm looking for all terrain tires. I work in residential construction and live in Vancouver bc.
  3. D

    Stay Safe This Winter!

    Everyone, please take your time and stay safe this winter. I don't care if you have 4x4 and the best winter tires available, slow down and drive carefully. This happened to me today, I have All Terrain Winter Tires, that didn't make a difference...
  4. hail


  5. Y

    Front Prop Shaft Snapped at CV From Ice?

    Morning folks, Had the 99 Explorer AWD in three weeks ago at a reputable shop... turns out that rebuilding the front diff and replacing the transfer case was just too big of a job to do at home in the winter cold. I also had to replace the front prop shaft with a refurb because the u-joint...
  6. paraphone vs the ice

    paraphone vs the ice

  7. A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

    A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

  8. stuck chevy

    stuck chevy

    Buddys Z71 stuck in the icey mudd.